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  • Cable Cut Knocks out Cell Service to Central N.C.

    AGL-ArticleImg3By J. Sharpe Smith September 29, 2015 – Fiber-optic cables are critical to obtaining 4G LTE speeds, but they are not without vulnerabilities. Verizon Wireless suffered outages to its voice service in central North Carolina last week after a fiber-optic cable, owned by Time Warner Cable, being used for backhaul was ... • Continue
  • Tower Climber Dies in Fall; Another Suffers Shock

    AGL-ArticleImg2By J. Sharpe Smith October 1, 2015 — In the last week, we have had a couple grim reminders of how dangerous wireless deployment can be. Whether it is a macrocellular tower or a Wi-Fi deployment, this work can be deadly. On Sept. 25, Matthew Vance, a crew member with Compros fell ... • Continue
  • mWAVE Brings Gabriel, Mark Antenna Brands Back in the Fold

    AGL-ArticleImg1By J. Sharpe Smith –  October 1, 2015 — mWAVE Industries, a provider of custom and commercial microwave antennas, has acquired the assets and intellectual property rights of the Gabriel and Mark Grid microwave antenna brands from Skyware Technologies. With the acquisition, the Gabriel products have come full-circle. The active principals of ... • Continue
  • Auction Exit Good News for Sprint Network Build

    sprintBy J. Sharpe Smith October 1, 20115 — Sprint’s decision to not participate in the 600 MHz incentive auction and to depend on its existing spectrum holdings sent waves through the wireless industry this week. While possibly bad news for the FCC ‘s spectrum revenues, the move may have a positive ... • Continue
  • Tower Companies Must Embrace Convergence to Remain Relevant — Ganzi

Photo: Don BishopBy J. Sharpe Smith – September 17, 2015 — The tower business is not going away, but managing the convergence of technologies and networks will be the key for wireless infrastructure providers to meet the needs of carriers in 5G and beyond, Marc Ganzi, Digital Bridge CEO, said in a keynote ... • Continue

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  • Wireless Continues Prep for the Super Bowl

    AGL-ArticleImg3Wireless is at the forefront as San Francisco and Levis Stadium gear up for Super Bowl 50. Only a year after deploying the DAS at the brand new Levi’s Stadium, home of the 49ers, DAS Group Professionals (DGP) has completely re-deployed the system doubling the capacity. The renovation of the not-quite-1-year-old ... • Continue
  • New Wi-Fi Product Hits the Road

    zte-mobley-black-964x750By Ernest Worthman – September 24, 2015 — Wi-Fi has found a lot of common ground in transportation and now the development within these arenas are starting to take shape. Incremental developments are bringing some technologies to the forefront. One of them is vehicular Wi-Fi. Soon, everything on wheels will be Wi-Fi-enabled. ... • Continue
  • Forum Taking Small Cells to the Next Level

    AGL-ArticleImg2By Ernest Worthman – September 24, 2015 — The Small Cell Forum, one of the better respected entities of the industry, recently met in Rome to present their concepts for moving small cells ahead in 2016, and what it would take to do that. They came up with a number of ... • Continue
  • Verizon’s 5G Tests Thrust it Ahead of AT&T

    5GBy Ernest Worthman – September 24, 2015 — You can sometimes get an idea that someone is behind the curve when they take a bit of a negative approach to something everyone else is uber-hot on. While 5G may not be well defined, or even defined at all yet, there is no ... • Continue
  • DAS Giant CommScope Scoops Up Small-Cell Innovator Airvana

    AGL-ArticleImgBy J. Sharpe Smith September 10, 2015 — CommScope has purchased Airvana, a privately held 4G LTE and 3G small cell OEM, according to an announcement made on Sept. 8. The acquisition will expand CommScope’s capabilities in providing indoor wireless capacity and coverage, complementing its DAS portfolio. Matt Melester, senior vice president ... • Continue

Millennials Talk Wireless Technology:

AI & Social Eternity - A Millennial Perspective

Millions of people use social media on a daily basis, especially millennials, but every platform has a major design flaw – a user must be alive to post. How are we supposed to share a new hot music video from the dead?

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