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  • Hughey & Phillips Acquires TowerSentry

    agl-post-image-defaultFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The parent company of Hughey & Phillips announced today that it has acquired TowerSentry®, the longest standing independent tower light monitoring company in the world. This acquisition solidifies the team of Hughey & Phillips, the first tower obstruction lighting company, and TowerSentry® as the innovative leaders in the ... • Continue
  • Sprint Celebrates Coverage Milestones

    agl-post-image-defaultDecember 18, 2014 — Sprint has expanded its LTE service in 552 markets to cover more than 260 million people, mostly with 1.9 GHz spectrum, John Saw, Sprint CTO, said in a blog post yesterday. The carrier has also expanded 2.5 GHz coverage in 16 new markets including Charlotte, North ... • Continue
  • FAA to Streamline NOTAMs

    agl-post-image-defaultDecember 18, 2014 — In coordination with the FCC, the Federal Aviation Administration is streamlining its processes for notifying aircraft of towers that are not properly lit. Under the Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) rules, tower owners are required to notify the FAA within 30 minutes of discovering a lighting outage ... • Continue
  • Cell Tower Survives Plane Crash

    Missouri Tower2A Verizon cell tower at the corner of East Tampa St. and North Benton Ave. in Springfield, Missouri, is still standing after a small private airplane clipped it and flew a mile and a half before crashing into a vacant lot on the Evangel University campus. Although there was reportedly a ... • Continue
  • Smaller Deals Drive M&A Market

    agl-post-image-defaultJ. Sharpe Smith – December 18, 2014 — While the deals are small in size, Milestone Media Partners experienced its best year ever in brokering tower deals in 2014. It participated in 30 transactions (including valuations) with 167 sites, and next year may even be better. In the first and second ... • Continue

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  • Move over VoLTE, WebRTC and RCS are Coming

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman – December 11, 2014 — WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and Rich Communications Services (RCS) are a couple of terms that have happened upon the scene lately. WebRTC is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat and ... • Continue
  • BYOD – Finally, a Real Deployment

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman December 11, 2014 — BYOD (bring your own device) had a lot of promise a couple of years ago. Even at the beginning of 2014 there seemed to be solid progress within this platform but there was little real movement after all. However, just about the time one ... • Continue
  • 5G Standardization Gaining Momentum

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman December 11, 2014 — This year has seen definitive movement in the development of standards that will form the foundation of Next Generation Mobile Networks: 5G Initiative, according to ABI Research. Finally, the formal standards process has begun. There is now a substantial offering of big-name vendors working on ... • Continue
  • Small Cell Influx Still on Horizon

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman – December 11, 2014 — As the year draws to a close, HetNets, the golden child of wireless, are beginning to see some purposeful movement. However, overall deployment of small cells is not moving as quickly as has been expected or desired. It is becoming painfully clear to mobile ... • Continue
  • New FCC Rules Make Collo Apps Nondiscretionary

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy J. Sharpe Smith – December 11, 2014 — In the top regulatory item of the year, the FCC clarified the legislative language from Section 6409(a) of the Spectrum Act to make collocation applications into a nondiscretionary and objective process, Robert Jystad, managing partner of the Channel Law Group, told the ... • Continue