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  • ‘A Billion Here …’

    September 24, 2018—
    By Don Bishop, Exec. Editor, Assoc. Publisher, AGL Magazine
    AGL eDigestEverett McKinley Dirksen, at the time a U.S. senator from Illinois, usually receives credit for once saying, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” His Senate biography says perhaps he never said it, but legend says he did. Speaking in the 1960s, the Republican ... Continue »
  • PCTEL Embraces Market Convergence Through Reorganization

    September 24, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    AGL eDigestPCTEL announced a major reorganization in late August, combining its Connected Solutions (antenna) segment and RF Solutions (test & measurement) segment. But this corporate shuffle was not about reducing capex. The company retained the same amount of staff; in fact, it is adding personnel. David Neumann, CEO, noted that market changes ... Continue »
  • Another Take on the Dark Side of Technology

    September 24, 2018—
    By Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT Magazine; Sr. Member, IEEE
    AGL eDigestAs I read through my daily deluge of messages, feeds and other push platforms, I am often reminded of one of my favorite movie series, the Terminator. In each progressive sequel, the terminator gets better and “badder,” even approaching human, as was the ethereal message in the last movie. I believe ... Continue »
  • EdgeMicro Launches No-Cost Testing Environment for Edge Implementations

    September 20, 2018— EdgeMicro is launching a Proof-of-Concept Program that will enable companies to accelerate their timeline for proving the viability, scalability and performance of their edge computing pilot projects. Companies seeking to test low-latency applications that take advantage of edge-located data cache and compute services can apply to utilize a no-cost testing ... Continue »
  • Studies Show No Impact from Cell Towers on Property Values

    September 20, 2018— Market studies in four major U.S. cities showed no impact residential property values resulting from the deployment of a cell tower, according to Valbridge Property Advisors, an independent commercial property valuation firm. The studies were conducted in Phoenix, Arizona; Raleigh, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; and Boston, Massachusetts by Valbridge at ... Continue »
  • 5G mmWave Transceivers, Beamformers to Take Off — Strategy Analytics

    September 20, 2018— The transceiver and beamforming components critical to 5G millimeter-wave systems will ship in the hundreds of millions of units per year within five years, according to the Strategy Analytics report 5G mm-Wave Systems, RF Front-end Components & Process Tech Forecast 2018 – 2024 by author Christopher Taylor. “Each 5G millimeter wave ... Continue »
  • Is the End Coming for Social Media, as We Know it?

    September 20, 2018—
    By Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT Magazine; Sr. Member, IEEE
    There is a rumbling in the European Union, and in a global society, especially with high-tech, what happens elsewhere does not necessarily stay elsewhere, and vice versa. The interesting developments in the EU surround social media, in particular around the region’s “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) part within the new EU ... Continue »
  • 5G Services Market to Top $123B by 2025

    September 20, 2018— New research forecasts the 5G services market to grow from $53.93 billion in 2020 to $123.27 billion by 2025 or 18 percent, according to ResearchAnd Markets.com Rising demand for reliable and ultra-low latency connectivity services and increasing use of connected IoT devices are both expected to drive the 5G services ... Continue »

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