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  • Verizon Promises Smaller, Lighter Small Cells in CBRS

    April 23, 2018—
    by Martha DeGrasse
    Verizon says its CBRS small cells will be smaller and lighter than those it has deployed in other spectrum bands. The carrier plans to supplement its outdoor small cell network with CBRS small cells, and says the new equipment may be easier to permit and install than existing hardware. Citizens Broadband ... Continue »
  • Comcast, Charter Announce Mobile Operating Platform Partnership

    April 23, 2018— Comcast and Charter have taken the next step in their slow dance toward possibly creating a wireless union. Last week, the two cable companies formed a 50/50 operating platform partnership focused on the development and design of backend systems that support Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile and Charter’s Spectrum Mobile service. The new ... Continue »
  • Wireless ‘SuperTowers’ Connect Rural Areas

    April 23, 2018— The “SuperTower,” which uses a tethered aerostat (industrial blimp), has been developed to transmit wireless signals across rural areas, roughly the same coverage area of 30 conventional cell towers. Boston-based startup Altaeros recently demonstrated in Fremont, New Hampshire, using an Ericsson Radio System to offer high-speed LTE with streaming video. Altaeros ... Continue »
  • KP Performance Unveils 2 GHz Sector Antennas for LTE Networks

    April 23, 2018— KP Performance Antennas, a manufacturer of WISP antennas, has released a line of high-performance, 2 GHz sector antennas for use in WISP networks. KP’s new line of LTE 2 GHz sector antennas consists of three new models: KP-2DP120S-45, a 14 dBi sector with 120° azimuth beamwidth, the KPPA-2GHZDP60S-17-45, a 15.1 dBi ... Continue »
  • TV Tower Collapses Killing One Crew Member

    April 19, 2018— KY3 television station has reported that earlier today a TV tower collapsed in Fordland, Missouri, killing one crew member died. The tower was owned by Ozarks Public Television, KOZK-TV, which is operated Missouri State University. A seven member crew were working on the tower about 100 feet off the ground when the ... Continue »
  • MWC and the 5G Hype Machine Keep on Giving, and Giving and Giving…

    April 19, 2018—
    By Ernest Worthman, AWT Exec. Editor, IEEE Sr. Member
    Usually, once a trade show or conference is over, it becomes history very quickly and we move on to the next one. However, it seems that the last Mobile World Congress (MWC) just keeps on giving. I get references to it, still, in my feeds. However, I am not convinced ... Continue »
  • FCC Commissioners Praise Clyburn as She Leaves Agency

    April 19, 2018— FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the other commissioners lauded the tenure of Mignon Clyburn as she announced her departure as an FCC Commissioner. “I congratulate Commissioner Clyburn on her distinguished tenure at the FCC.  She has been a tremendous leader and a committed public servant throughout her time here,” Pai said ... Continue »
  • FCC Takes First Steps for Spectrum Frontiers Auctions

    April 19, 2018— The FCC is seeking comment on proposed application and bidding procedures for the auctions of the 28 GHz and 24 GHz spectrum bands.  Last year, the Commission continued its work establishing licensing rules for several spectrum bands at or above 24 GHz in the Spectrum Frontiers Second Report and Order ... Continue »

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