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  • Ranplan Develops 5G Network Modelling

    May 17, 2018—
    By The Editors of AGL
    Ranplan Wireless now has a design tool, Ranplan Professional, which is able to plan and deploy emerging 5G, multi- layer, multi-technology, densified urban networks, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor design. Designing and planning 5G networks presents a variety of technical challenges; in particular, how to design for short range, ... Continue »
  • Ericsson Develops Machine Learning for SoftBank

    May 17, 2018— SoftBank, a mobile operator in Japan, has implemented an innovative method for radio access network design from Ericsson, based on machine intelligence. The service groups cells in clusters and takes statistics from cell overlapping and potential to use carrier aggregation between cells into account, thus reducing operational expenditure and improving ... Continue »
  • OneVizion Signs B+T Group as Customer

    May 17, 2018— AGL eDigestOneVizion has added B+T Group as a customer for its project management solution. B+T Group is a turnkey engineering and construction firm specializing in the wireless industry. OneVizion is a high productivity application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) designed to solve the problem of centralizing stranded information sets within enterprises. Continue »
  • T-Mobile US + Sprint Will be Good for Wireless Infrastructure

    May 17, 2018—
    By John Celentano, Marketing Consultant
    The recently-announced T-Mobile US and Sprint merger is intended to create a third national wireless carrier of similar scale to AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless. The “New T-Mobile,” sticking to its ‘Un-carrier’ tagline, wants to be first to deploy a nationwide 5G network. But up to now, both T-Mobile and ... Continue »
  • Net Neutrality Backed by Senate; Now Up to House

    May 17, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    Democrats picked up three Republican votes for their resolution reinstating Net Neutrality yesterday on the floor of the Senate, as the measure passed 52-47. One of those republicans, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) made it clear that her vote for joint resolution, S J Res 52, was not so much a ... Continue »
  • FirstNet, 5G Buildouts Intertwined: AT&T CEO

    May 17, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    Building its nationwide gigabit wireless-centric network will serve dual purposes for AT&T, deployment of FirstNet and preparation for 5G, Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO, said at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference, this week, in Boston. As AT&T deploys FirstNet, it will also be equipping every cell site for ... Continue »
  • FCC Comm. Brendan Carr to Keynote AGL Local Summit

    May 15, 2018— FCC Comm. Brendan Carr will be interviewed by Bryan Tramont, managing partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, on all things wireless at the AGL Local Summit, June 14, in Philadelphia. The Commissioner is sure to touch on the progress of the Spectrum Frontiers proceeding, increased enforcement activity, efforts to increase rural wireless coverage, ... Continue »
  • Anritsu Adds eCPRI and RoE Support to Field Testers

    May 15, 2018— Anritsu Company has enhanced its Network Master Pro MT1000A to support 100 Gbps with Ethernet Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) and IEEE 1914.3 Radio over Ethernet (RoE), as well as high-accuracy delay measurement functions. With the new firmware installed, the MT1000A can be used by mobile operators, communication network installation ... Continue »

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