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  • WIA Foundation Announces Inductees to Inaugural Mobile Infrastructure Hall of Fame

    October 18, 2018— FCC Chairman Pai to Speak at Event The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) Foundation will host the inaugural Mobile Infrastructure Hall of Fame Ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 14. The ceremony will honor trailblazers who have shaped the wireless infrastructure landscape and support the Foundation’s mission to create a stronger wireless workforce through ... Continue »
  • PHAZR Receives FCC/CE Certifications of 5G mmWave Products

    October 18, 2018— PHAZR has received FCC/CE certification for commercial deployment of its 5G millimeter wave base stations in the United States and Europe. PHAZR’s 5G vRAN boasts Cliff Computing, where massive antenna arrays, RF and baseband functions are integrated into a single physical unit reducing latency and eliminating the need for expensive fronthaul. ... Continue »
  • RadioWaves Launches Parabolic Antenna Line for Unlicensed Apps

    October 18, 2018— RadioWaves has released the Enhanced Standard Performance (ESP) series parabolic line, which offers a full portfolio covering all unlicensed bands, providing the highest gain in the industry. ESP antennas are available in 2, 3 and 4-foot configurations and come fully assembled from the factory. Boasting excellent side lobe performance that ... Continue »
  • DAS Market Loses Altitude in 2018, New Tailwind Coming in 2020

    October 18, 2018— This week, Mobile Experts released a detailed view of the current and upcoming DAS market, with technical information on architectural changes, a close look at business metrics related to operator investments and enterprise investment in DAS projects, and with new product focus as the Public Safety market ramps up. This new ... Continue »
  • MulteFire LTE Technology May Help Enterprises and Small Venues

    October 18, 2018—
    By Don Bishop, Exec. Editor, Assoc. Publisher, AGL Magazine
    With its ability to serve multiple operators, sometimes in a neutral-host configuration, MulteFire LTE technology offers advantages in locations that might not be profitable to serve using traditional LTE technology. Participants in a January Network Computingwebinar sponsored by the MulteFire Alliance, a membership organization, and disseminated by UBM, an event organizer, ... Continue »
  • Why Leadership in 5G Around the Globe Will Equal the U.S.

    October 18, 2018—
    By Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT Magazine; Sr. Member, IEEE
    A couple of weeks ago I had penned a dialog about why other countries are, supposedly, leading the 5G “race.”  I had noted that the countries that are further along in 5G technologies are the ones with the least democratic structures, i.e. china and Korea. It seems the more democratic ... Continue »
  • Carriers Take Issue With Criticism of Hurricane Recovery Efforts

    October 18, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    Speaking from the dry, climate-controlled confines of the FCC headquarters in Washington, DC, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai had some sharp criticism this week for the efforts of the carriers in restoring cellular service to the areas of Florida, Georgia and Alabama affected by Hurricane Michael. “Even though efforts to restore communications ... Continue »