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  • CiG Wireless Sells Towers to Vertical Bridge

    agl-post-image-defaultVertical Bridge is acquiring more than 200 towers from CiG Wireless in a transaction structured as a merger worth $143 million. “This transaction brings together two complementary cellular tower operators, and the combined business will have a broad geographic presence across the United States,” said Paul McGinn, CEO, CiG Wireless. The deal, ... • Continue
  • Plane Crashes into Texas TV Tower Killing Pilot

    KCBD towerA television station’s transmitter tower was destroyed in Lubbock, Texas, on Feb. 4, after a small aircraft crashed into it, killing the pilot. Dr. K. Mike Rice was piloting a single-engine Piper Malibu when it hit the guy wires of KCBD TV’s tower, shearing off an upper portion of the structure ... • Continue
  • Section 6409(a): Not an Open and Shut Case

    agl-post-image-defaultBy J. Sharpe Smith As Section 6409(a) goes on trial, it is helpful to look at the history of congressional lawmaking and FCC rulemaking concerning the zoning process to see how it has evolved. Charles Ryan III, vice president of operations, Concepts to Operations, touched on actions of the FCC, Congress and ... • Continue
  • Federal Court Rejection Uses Section 6409

    agl-post-image-defaultMarch 19, 2015 — The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York recently struck down a cell tower denial by the Town of East Fishkill, New York. This is one of the first instances in which a federal court has applied the FCC’s Accelerating Wireless Siting Report ... • Continue
  • Model Ordinance to Help Muni’s in Wireless Siting

    AdelsteinBy J. Sharpe Smith – March 17, 2015 — Even though local jurisdictions are fighting Section 6409(a) in court, a coalition of state local and government association has joined with the wireless industry to develop materials to help local jurisdictions adopt guidelines surrounding the FCC’s implementation of Section 6409(a) of the ... • Continue

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  • Big Data to Aid Wireless Carriers

    small-cell-post-image-defaultMarch 24, 2015 — Big data is just popping up everywhere. It is poised to be one of the more disruptive technologies of the next few years. In that vein, Telecommunications Market Research Reports has released a new report titled “Subscriber Data Management (SDM) meets Big Data: Opportunities for Wireless Carriers ... • Continue
  • The Cool Stuff: Connect Your Current Ride

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman March 24, 2015 — Make your car a Wi-Fi hotspot. Talk about cool gadgets. A company called Vinli has developed what I think, is a great retrofit, or aftermarket device, for vehicles. The Vinli product is a communication module that plugs directly into the on-board diagnostic port of ... • Continue
  • Net Neutrality — the Bickering Continues

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman March 24, 2015 — And you thought net neutrality was becoming old news. Well, that is not the case. FCC Comm. Ajit Pai recently put out a press release that basically threatened new taxes. Hmmm…isn’t that line pretty old already? It seems like more and more “right wingers” are ... • Continue
  • LEO Satellites are Back

    oneweb-user-terminal (3)By Ernest Worthman March 24, 2015 — Today, there exists a relatively rich wheelhouse of area-specific networks to serve underserved areas, but the rural setting, with sparse populations has had its challenges. There is little ROI on such deployments, so mobile network operators have been slow to deploy. But that may ... • Continue
  • Small Cell Whiplash

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Richard P. Biby P.E. March 12, 2015 — Just last year AT&T was planning to roll out 40,000 new small cells by the end of this year. Last week they said “Nah.” So we have to ask… “Say what?” This is an interesting development and, I have my perspective on why ... • Continue