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  • FCC Deploys Deemed-Granted Status for Collos

    agl-post-image-defaultOctober 17, 2014 — The FCC adopted a Report and Order today that promotes deployment of the wireless broadband infrastructure by placing statutory limitations on state and local government authority to review infrastructure siting applications. The new rules include a “deemed granted” remedy if a State or local government fails to ... • Continue
  • Tower Stocks Show Incredible Growth

    Wireless Watch This chart shows the five-year daily average closing stock price from Sept. 16, 2009, to Sept. 15, 2014, adjusted for dividends and stock splits. Although there is a disenchanted stockholder, the CCI stock has more than doubled, rising from $31.36 to $79.54. It has always lagged behind AMT, which grew ... • Continue
  • Big Tower Deals Won’t Swamp Smaller Portfolio M&A

    agl-post-image-defaultBy J. Sharpe Smith – October 16, 2014 — The M&A market picked up in the third quarter with the two major announcements of tower sales by carriers. But while the press likes to hype the blockbuster billion-dollar deals, the market for smaller portfolios will remain robust, Jason Nicolay, vice president, ... • Continue
  • Midwestern Towers on the Block

    agl-post-image-defaultBy J. Sharpe Smith – October 16, 2014 — Another deal that is in the works, U.S. Cellular is monetizing non-strategic assets, including its spectrum portfolio and the sale of 595 non-strategic cell towers in areas outside of its core market focus. Wells Fargo Securities and TD Securities are managing the ... • Continue
  • FCC Expected to Pave Way for Wireless Broadband Build

    agl-post-image-defaultJ. Sharpe Smith – October 16, 2014 – At tomorrow’s open meeting, the FCC is slated to issue a wireless infrastructure order aimed at streamlining regulations, speeding wireless network deployment. In particular, the FCC is expected to clarify the rules for upgrading technology on existing infrastructure and streamline the environmental and historic ... • Continue

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  • Verizon, GE to Connect on ‘Industrial Internet’

    By J. Sharpe Smith General Electric and Verizon have teamed up to allow GE’s software-enabled machines and devices to connect to Verizon’s machine-to-machine connectivity and cloud platforms to create a secure wireless communications system for the Industrial Internet, according to an announcement made at GE’s third annual Minds + Machines conference, ... • Continue
  • Remote Monitoring, Control Offer New Frontiers for VARs

    By J. Sharpe Smith To take part in the rapidly growing and expanding remote monitoring and control segment, end-to-end solutions must be developed for machine-to-machine (M2M); supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA); and Internet of Things (IoT) communications, according to officials from TESSCO. “We are good with the backhaul today and some ... • Continue
  • Alcatel-Lucent Pairs with Accenture to Penetrate Enterprise Market

    By J. Sharpe Smith October 9, 2014 – Last week, Alcatel-Lucent formed an alliance with Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, to help communications service providers and large enterprises implement integrated broadband solutions. The alliance, known as Accenture Alcatel-Lucent Business Group, will explore small-cell wireless network solutions ... • Continue
  • Active DAS Challenges Small Cell Hype–Research Firm

    small-cell-post-image-defaultJ. Sharpe Smith – October 9, 2014 — At conferences and in trade publications, small cells are pretty much the rage. But DAS OEMs are not giving in just yet. DAS is up for the fight against small cells as they compete for the $8.5 billion enterprise in-building wireless systems market, according ... • Continue
  • Special Report – Wi-Fi Trends

    By Ernest Worthman – October 9, 2014 — In this issue, we look at trends in wireless fidelity, also known as Wi-Fi, which has become a staple of consumer communications that has grown right along the side of cellular. It is the French fries that everybody wants with their hamburger. I ... • Continue