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  • Carriers’ Move to VoLTE Represents Opportunity for Fuel Cells

    IntegratedOSP1 (3)By J. Sharpe Smith As the wireless carriers begin the transition to voice over LTE networks, the equipment areas at the base of cell towers may never look the same. Wireless companies will save money on opex at the base as they move from operating 3G and 4G systems side by ... • Continue
  • Verizon/AOL Merger to Promote Network Densification

    agl-post-image-defaultBy J. Sharpe Smith From the network architecture point of view, Verizon’s proposed $4.4 billion purchase of AOL Network will add to the business case for network densification and increase the need for intelligence at the edge of the network, feeding the ability to target content and marketing to the user, ... • Continue
  • Base Station Hotels Find Inclusion in the Central Office

    FlexWave digital DAS Host UnitBy J. Sharpe Smith The first telephone central office was installed in New York State in 1878, and a little less than 100 years later, in 1973, the first call was made over a cell phone. Now, in 2015, wireless technology is being brought into central offices. Heretofore, central offices were ... • Continue
  • Advantage Engineers Joins Safety Stand-Down

    agl-post-image-defaultColumbia, MD & Mechanicsburg, PA / May 13, 2015 — Advantage Engineers will be participating in OSHA’s National Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down event. The purpose of this event is to raise construction fall hazard awareness. In conjunction with the Stand-Down, Advantage Engineers will not conduct any work at height today, Wednesday, ... • Continue
  • Opinion: Multiple Strategies Critical for 4G Rural Build Out

    agl-post-image-defaultBy J. Sharpe Smith – May 7, 2015 — I had the honor of moderating a panel on “The Changing Economics of the Rural Broadband Build Out” at last week’s Wireless Infrastructure Show. I found it helpful to begin the conversation with a look at how rural cellular operators make economic ... • Continue

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  • New Neutrality Rant Cont.

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman I am not sure why the TIA keeps banging on the Net Neutrality issue. From the “more than I can read daily, number of feeds I get from dozens of sources” category, they are the only ones that are still beating on what is, IMHO, a dead horse. ... • Continue
  • Wearables: Now You See Them, Soon You Won’t

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman From time to time, it is fun to look at what is developing in this industry. Wearables are tethered to smart devices. That is because they use near-field wireless technologies. But, where this is going to hit a speed bump is the sheer number of wearables that will ... • Continue
  • Cable Flexing its Wi-Fi Muscles

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman The Wi-Fi hotspot movement is, well, hot. Cablevision has been using this technology for a while in a program called “Freewheel.” Now, Comcast is eyeing a similar plan. Why not? They have over 8 million hotspots. Their plan, like Cablevision, is to offer an unlimited voice, text, and ... • Continue
  • Time to Get On With the Business of Developing 5G

    small-cell-post-image-defaultBy Ernest Worthman As much activity as I see in the 5G space, I think the industry is getting around to figuring out exactly what 5G is and what it isn’t. A good sign is the level of activity that has started to pop up. For example, Nokia has a new ... • Continue
  • Utility, Municipality Cooperation Key to Small Cell Site Ack

    DalyBy J. Sharpe Smith –  May 14, 2015 — Small cell development is forging its way onward in the downtown areas of major cities, which are densely populated and marked by gentrification and beautification movements. Site acquisition for small cells in this area brings multifaceted problems that require utilities, municipalities, carriers and ... • Continue