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  • Md7 Buys Seattle Site Development Co.

    twogreat-800x380SAN DIEGO, CA – July 1, 2015 – Md7, LLC announced that it has acquired Lexcom Development Corporation, L.L.C., a Seattle-based site development company with a strong presence and trusted reputation in the states of Washington, Oregon and Northern California. The asset purchase of Lexcom’s operations in Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; ... • Continue
  • Wireless Siting Bills Pass State Legislatures

    Wireless Siting Bill PassesBy J. Sharpe Smith – July 2, 2015 — Legislation implementing the FCC’s Report and Order, “Acceleration of Broadband Deployment by Improving Wireless Facilities Siting Policies,” is now being passed in the state legislatures. Most recently, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed into law a bipartisan bill aimed at speeding the deployment of ... • Continue
  • Verizon, T-Mobile Lead Tower Leasing; Sprint Ramps

    Tower LeasingBy J. Sharpe Smith –  July 2, 2015 — Verizon and T-Mobile (TMUS) continue to lead in tower leasing activity, with Sprint entering a more active phase and AT&T mostly focused on LTE capacity in the United States and coverage/modernization in Mexico, according to RBC Capital Markets’ Wireless Network & Tower ... • Continue
  • Welders Cause of Tower Fire Once Again

    Welders Cause Tower FireWelders once again appeared to be at fault for a fire that engulfed a cell tower, June 16, in Newport Beach, Virginia. Maintenance personnel were reinforcing the tower located by a high school when sparks caused fire to race up the wiring the length of the 200-foot tower, which had ... • Continue
  • Lawsuit in Tower Death May be Long Shot

    Tower Death LawsuitBy J. Sharpe Smith – July 2, 2015 — The mother of the woman who died in a fall from a cell tower in Concho County, Texas, March 28 has hired a lawyer to seek damages in a wrongful death suit. On the surface, it would appear that she has a ... • Continue

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  • Enterprise Segment Requires New DAS Approach

    Mike ColladoBy J. Sharpe Smith – June 25, 2015 — Enterprises that are neither marquee event venues nor small businesses have special needs when it comes to technology and business cases. SOLiD’s Mike Collado refers to these venues, which range from 100,000 to 500,000 square feet, as the “middleprise” segment. “It’s a large ... • Continue
  • In the Diverse Enterprise Market, DAS and Small Cell Solutions Merge

    Boris GolubovicBy J. Sharpe Smith – June 25, 2015 — Radio network ownership is diverging into three separate categories: carrier-owned macrocells, third-party DAS and smaller venues (enterprises) that are willing to fund themselves. Even as ownership diversifies, DAS and small cell solutions are consolidating and that is seen especially in the enterprise ... • Continue
  • Net Neutrality and Other Wireless Carrier Faux Pas

    FCCBy Ernest Worthman – June 25, 2015 — Not much happening on the Net Neutrality front except that the TIA again, “Vows to Continue Challenging FCC’s Net Neutrality Regime.” I’m on record with this so I am not going to keep repeating myself the way the TIA does. But on another note, ... • Continue
  • The Eyes of Cisco are Upon SDN, IoT, Wi-Fi

    CiscoBy Ernest Worthman – June 25, 2015 — It was just announced that Cisco is undergoing a metamorphosis. After 20 years, the company is upping its game in three of the hottest areas in wireless: software defined networks, Internet of Things, and Wi-Fi. I think the implications of this got lost in ... • Continue
  • Harvesting RF Energy From Wi-Fi? Really?

    Harvesting RF EnergyBy Ernest Worthman – June 25, 2015 — With the present environment of wireless being the golden child, and it will resolve all the world’s problems. It seems the marketers are on an all-out binge to take anything that, even remotely, smells like money, no matter how impractical or minimally practical, ... • Continue
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