5G Fixed Wireless Solution to Displace Fiber to the Home

February 21, 2017 – The first commercially available 5G fixed wireless internet architectures, is now available according to Mimosa Networks. Known as the urban MicroPoP and rural GigaPoP, the systems feature Mimosa’s Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS) technology, which lowers cost and increases spectral efficiency, according to the company.

“Our approach introduces wireless where fiber ends, and scales to connect dense urban and hard to reach rural homes at a fraction of the cost of fiber-to-the-home,” said Brian Hinman, CEO of Mimosa Networks.

Spectrum Reuse Synchronization combines Massive MIMO and antenna beamforming with precise time coordination of transmissions, which eliminates the interference caused by other nearby radios. As a result, a single access point is able to reuse channels.

Mimosa favors deploying solutions in lower, sub-6 GHz spectrum. But with less spectrum available, efficient spectrum reuse techniques are critical to achieve scale. While Mimosa’s SRS technology is spectrum-agnostic, when deployed in these lower frequencies, Mimosa’s solutions expand residential fixed wireless opportunities where millimeter wave solutions struggle in near- and non-line-of-sight areas.

“With a severe shortage of lower frequency spectrum, Mimosa’s real innovation is in developing new technologies to reuse that critical spectrum geographically to reduce the amount of spectrum required to scale a gigabit speed network,” said Jaime Fink, chief product officer of Mimosa Networks. “The wireless last mile is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario. We must take advantage of fiber where it’s available, use millimeter wave frequencies for reliable short-range backhaul, and most importantly, promote spectrum sharing and reuse techniques in the lower frequencies that are needed to reach people’s homes.”