Launching AGL Applied Wireless Technology

AGL Small Cell Magazine is becoming Applied Wirelesss Technology

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AGL Applied Wireless Technology will offer rich media advertising, such as video, audio, custom drawn links and more, in the June issue. “Print” ad sizes will be available in the March issue. View our Media Guide for ad specifications and pricing.

AGL Small Cell Magazine will be ending its run with the December 2016 issue.

Ernest Worthman

Ernest Worthman

Executive Editor of AGL Small Cell Magazine

Ernest Worthman will still be a contributing editor to AGL Magazine, covering small cells, and will be the executive editor of AGL Applied Wireless Technology.

After three years of covering the emerging small cell market as a stand-alone publication, AGL media group has decided to fold small cells back into AGL magazine. Since small cells have now become more of an infrastructure component, and AGL is the premier publication for infrastructure-related technology, it makes more sense to move coverage of small cells into the publication that coves infrastructure best.

The reason is that small cells have, over the last few years, gone from an emerging technology to simply another tool in the wireless ecosystem. While there is still much going on with small cells, there isn’t enough to dedicate an individual publication to small cells.

AGL recognizes that the wireless ecosystem is evolving at a dizzying pace and we need to be at the forefront — especially with the technological developments near and beyond, 1 GHz. In that vein, we have decided to launch a new publication, Applied Wireless Technology (AWT). AWT, will have a broader scope, covering all things wireless. We strive to keep our readers on the forefront of wireless — from design to application to implementation and integration, both wide and deep. That will be the mission of AWT.

— Ernest Worthman
Executive Editor of AGL Small Cell Magazine

What to Expect
from AGL’s Applied Wireless Technology

A Single Source for Coverage of Wireless Technology.

Not only will AWT include cutting edge technical articles, case studies, white papers, and application notes, it will also have a wealth of copy from industry expert, analysts and top company executive from all segments of the wireless arena. Topics will include:

» Emerging Technologies (5G, Iox, the cloud, etc.)
» Cybersecurity, Smart Systems
» Wireless Technologies (mmwave, LP/ULP, VoLTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID, GPS, HetNets, etc.)
» Wireless Ecosystems (infrastructures, government/aerospace/defense, enterprise, healthcare/telemedicine)
» Test and Measurement
» Wireless Hardware (antennas, power, embedded systems, sensor, semiconductors, etc.)
» Wireless Design
» Software and Platforms (AI, AR, MR, XaaX, OSs, biometrics)
» Wireless Applications (connectivity, interfaces, integration, systems, fixed/mobile)

A Digital Only Publication.

That’s right!
AGL’s new Applied Wireless Technology will be digital only. Same quarterly publication schedule, but the publication will be available in digital formats only (phone, ipad, desktop).


AGL will be able to enhance the articles we publish in ways that most media company’s can only dream of. With a digital only format, our article contributors can add audio, video, links and more to amplify their content. Imagine yourself engaged in an article about 5G-based connected car, when you find a short video explaining how it works and a real-life example of a working 5G connected car. Can you see the possibilities? We can, and we hope to bring this cutting edge format to your virtual front door.

Stay tuned for the first issue of AGL’s AWT premiering in March 2017.


Contact Ernest Worthman at or 303.290.9700.

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