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Alarm Monitoring System

The DMCIP Alarm Monitor from TWR Lighting is a highly sophisticated standalone product that delivers quality monitoring at a reasonable price. Though typically used to monitor tower lighting, the DMCIP Alarm Monitor can also be used to monitor other applications such as fire alarms, thermostat alarms, generators, door alarms, etc.

This monitor has 10 inputs that can be configured for contact closure or voltage alarms. A built in photocell monitor (that works with 120/240 VAC or 5-24 VDC photocells) has selectable day/night alarm timers and logs when the photocell changes from day to night and back to day. The cabinet door is monitored and can be used to generate an alarm for quarterly test or for tamper detection. When there is a power loss, an on board circuit monitors the battery voltage, disconnecting it before the voltage drops to low and causes damage to the backup battery.

A DMCIP SNMP configuration utility is supplied to allow easy configuration and interrogation through the on-board Ethernet or modem wireless interface, allowing the alarm conditions to be viewed at any time. Monitoring options for the DMCIP Alarm Monitor include: GPRS/CDMA wireless modem, Ethernet TCP/IP modem, or NOC software from TWR Lighting, Inc. Monitoring services are also available.

DC-Powered Medium-Intensity LED Obstruction Lighting

From Hughey & Phillips

Urbana, Ohio (4/25/16)—Hughey & Phillips (H&P), a global leader in the obstruction lighting industry, announces the new DC HORIZON™ line of medium-intensity strobe LED based obstruction lighting solutions for daytime and nighttime lighting on tall structures such as communication, television and radio towers, wind turbines, smokestacks and other obstructions to aerial navigation.

Intertek (ETL) certified and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the DC HORIZON™ L-864 which provides nighttime red light to light various structures as aeronautical obstructions, and is part of the newest addition to H&P’s obstruction lighting portfolio. The DC powered series will be available in L864 (Red), L865 (White) and L864/L865 (Red/White). Daytime white strobe eliminates the need to paint the structure with aviation orange and white stripes, and nighttime red flashing beacon lights are community friendly. The HORIZON™ L-864/865 is best suited for structures between 150’ (45 m) and 700’ (225 m) above ground level and operates at a range of -/+ 48VDC.

The new microprocessor controlled LED strobe system boasts a self-contained power supply that simplifies wiring but also accepts external signals if necessary. Its compact design, built-in testing, GPS sync, automatic day/night sensor and wiring compatibility make the product easy to use and install. Like other products in the HORIZON™ line, the units are compatible with existing cable systems in most cases, allowing users to retrofit to LED without purchasing entire new systems.

“Our customers have come to rely on Hughey & Phillips to provide the next generation of cutting-edge LED obstruction lighting solutions. The new H&P DC HORIZON™ LED Series fills the need for both daytime and nighttime strobe lighting technology, and outperforms legacy incandescent fixtures by substantial margins. We’re proud to add another offering to our HORIZON™ line that provides our customers with significant cost- and power savings,” said Jim Sullivan, Vice President of Sales for Hughey & Phillips.

H&P HORIZON™ system uses 90 percent less power than incandescent medium intensity models, and is designed, built and sourced in the United States, using U.S. suppliers. There are more than 20 patents pending on components and features of the HORIZON series. The system comes with a five-year warranty and has an expected life of more than 15 years. It is the only unit in the market to be completely serviceable, ensuring a longer life than any competitor models. To receive more information please visit our website,

About Hughey & Phillips
Hughey & Phillips is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of obstruction lighting technology. The company engineers and designs a complete line of low, medium and high intensity lighting technology solutions that provide illumination for radio, television, and communication towers; wind turbines; buildings; smokestacks; bridges; and other obstructions to aerial navigation. Hughey & Phillips offers complete solutions comprised of power and lighting systems designed and manufactured by Hughey & Phillips in the USA. The company has a full engineering staff providing complete support and design in optical, electrical and mechanical disciplines to customize any of our products to fit our customers’ unique needs. To learn more, visit

Site Pro 1’s New Universal Ground Bars

Site Pro 1’s New Universal Ground Bars feature a universal slotted hole pattern to fit a wide selection of lugs and accept more runs. Kits include insulators & stainless steel brackets. Our universal ground bars are available in a variety of sizes. Find Site Pro 1’s complete selection of grounding products in the grounding section of their website. Grounding products include ground bars, grounding wire, lugs, grounding hardware, molds and accessories. Products are fully stocked in seven convenient locations nationwide and Site Pro 1 offers same day shipping. 1-888-GET-PRO1 •

Scholarship to Honor Ernie Jones



February 25, 2016 — The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) and the Tower Family Foundation announced the establishment of a scholarship honoring the life of the late Ernie Jones this week during the annual NATE UNITE 2016 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Ernie Jones Memorial Civil Engineering Scholarship will be a $2,500 scholarship awarded annually to a junior or senior civil engineering student at the University of Evansville’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Ernie Jones passed away tragically in October of 2015 while inspecting a tower in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ernie was a structural engineer who worked in the broadcast tower industry for 30 years, he serving as a professional engineer and president of Consolidated Engineering and a vice-president of Structural Engineering at Electronics Research. Ernie was also a participating member of the TR-14.7 Committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronics Industry Association since 1986 where he assisted with writing and approving the ANSI-TIA/EIA 222 standard, which is the American National Standard for Steel Antenna Towers and Antenna Supporting Structures.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure Product Line

anad_logoAnadigics has introduced the AWL5911 power amplifier (PA) optimized for 802.11a/n/ac WiFi infrastructure and multimedia applications. The AWL5911 delivers a combination of linearity, efficiency, gain and thermal characteristics, while minimizing external components. These performance and integration advantages help 802.11ac Wave 2 solutions enable multi-user multi-input/multi-output (MU-MIMO) functionality, take advantage of 160 MHz channels, and make use of an additional transmit spatial stream. When employed, these features can provide higher data throughput at greater range and coverage than existing Wave 1 solutions.