China Telecom, Ericsson Launch IoT Platform

July 6, 2017 — 

China Telecom and Ericsson have launched the China Telecom IoT Open Platform – a global connection management platform that is designed to accelerate the deployment of internet of things (IoT) solutions and services in China.

The China Telecom IoT Open Platform enables enterprises to deploy, control and scale the management of IoT devices through partnerships. With this platform, enterprise customers can integrate their business processes with the managed connectivity service offered by China Telecom to create IoT solutions. China Telecom and its industry customers will use the platform to drive the digital transformation of industries in China and beyond.

The China Telecom IoT Open Platform uses Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform, which offers enterprise customers reliable connectivity based on service-level agreements and a common, unified overview of devices and access networks. The platform was launched in 2012 and now supports more than 25 operators and more than 2,000 enterprise customers as part of Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator platform.