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  • FCC Grants C-band Spectrum Licenses Worth $81 Billion

    July 23, 2021—
    By Don Bishop
    The FCC granted 5,676 licenses today for wireless operations in mid-band radio-frequency spectrum, also known as C-band spectrum in the range from 3.7 GHz to 3.98 GHz. The licenses went to high bidders in the FCC Auction 107 that concluded on Feb. 17. Twenty-one bidders spent about $81 billion for ... Continue »
  • Commissioner Carr Applauds Closing of ‘Huawei Loophole’

    July 22, 2021— FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said he applauded the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s passage of the Secure Equipment Act of 2021, which took place yesterday. He said the bipartisan legislation would strengthen national security and close what Carr called the Huawei loophole. The committee marked up and reported to the House ... Continue »
  • AT&T’s Second-quarter Results: Praise from CEO; Caution From Analysts

    July 22, 2021—
    By Don Bishop
    AT&T’s report of second quarter earnings results led its CEO, John Stankey, to say, “We’re pleased with our performance and our momentum is strong.” Analysts Jonathan Chaplin, Philip Burnett and Vikash Harlalka at New Street Research said in a statement, “The change wrought by AT&T’s leadership in the second quarter ... Continue »
  • U.S. Tower Landscape Most Competitive: Report

    July 22, 2021—
    By Don Bishop
    A report on growth, trends, the COVID-19 pandemic effect and forecasts for the telecommunications towers market said that the tower industry has gained prominence as an independent industry mainly in the United States and India. The 298-page report, issued by ReportLinker, a French company that uses artificial intelligence to deliver ... Continue »
  • Shannon Orbits Earth as Cell Tower in Space

    July 22, 2021—
    By Don Bishop
    A project to connect standard mobile telephones virtually anywhere via low-Earth-orbit satellites without any change to hardware or software received a boost on July 13 when Lynk Global launched its fifth satellite — named Shannon — and it began operations. To express the compatibility of its network with mobile phones, ... Continue »
  • Rural Telecom: Fiber for Futureproofing, Microwave for Backhaul

    July 22, 2021—
    By Don Bishop
    Providing fixed wireless access and fiber-to-the-home telecommunications service in rural Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois makes Nextlink Internet what its CEO, Bill Baker, calls a hybrid provider. Baker spoke during an AGL Virtual Summit in June at the session, “Rural Coverage Opportunities and Challenges,” moderated by Jeff Johnston, ... Continue »
  • RFS Launches IoT Lab to Enable Proof-of-concept Testing for Smart Cities

    July 21, 2021— An internet-of-things (IoT) laboratory for testing infrastructure equipment designed for urban environments will help enterprises and municipalities with smart city applications. Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) said that the first such laboratory that it has opened by in Hannover, Germany, will be followed by a second facility in the United States ... Continue »