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  • ExteNet Systems Securitizes Distributed Wireless Network Assets

    July 23, 2019— ExteNet Systems has successfully issued $368 million principal amount of securitized notes and $75 million principal amount of an undrawn variable funding note. This transaction is the first ever asset-backed securitization financing for a portfolio entirely comprised of distributed wireless network solution assets. The securitized notes are rated by Kroll ... Continue »
  • Ericsson, Swisscom Bring 5G indoors

    July 23, 2019— Ericsson and Swisscom have deployed 5G Radio Dots in the Swiss service provider’s live 5G commercial network and simultaneously made the first 5G data call in Europe between two offices over the 5G Radio Dot System during a Joint Mobile Day event in Bern, Switzerland. The call, made on July 1 ... Continue »
  • Massive MIMO Market Set to be Become, Well, Massive

    July 23, 2019—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor, AGL Magazine
    The promise of 5G network performance depends, in part, on the next generation of antenna technology. This includes techniques such as multiplexing antenna arrays at the base station (also referred to as MIMO – multiple-input and multiple-output). As operators roll out 5G wireless communications networks, the global massive MIMO market will ... Continue »
  • Powering Small Cells With the Communications Power Grid

    July 23, 2019—
    By Kevin Borders, Director of Marketing, Alpha
    Small cell power options include adding power conversion devices and connecting them with small cells where backbone cabling already is in place. In greenfield applications, deploying new copper cables may be easier, quicker and less expensive than waiting on the utility company to do so. Small cells are transforming communications networks. ... Continue »
  • NEDAS Appoints Special Advisors to its Charity and Welcoming Committees

    July 23, 2019— NEDAS,  a grassroots association located at the intersection of wireline and wireless with a goal of improving communications infrastructure to the edge for buildings, municipalities, public safety, enterprise solutions and more, announces the appointment of two industry executives as Committee Chairpersons to its organization.  Laurie Caruso is appointed the Chair ... Continue »
  • The Race That Never Was

    July 23, 2019—
    Ern’s Perspective — It has been a while since I hammered on the ridiculous 5G “race hype” mentality. Actually, it seems that it had, pretty much, faded into oblivion within our media (sites like Fierce and RCR are now backpedaling) once all the carriers had deployed their early 5G networks and ... Continue »
  • White Paper Explores IoT Trends

    July 18, 2019—
    By 5G Americas
    AGL eDigestWe have published “5G: The Future of IoT,” a white paper that explores the market drivers and technology solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), trends in verticals and applications, and an overview of developments in 3GPP standards for cellular IoT that will create our connected future. IoT has arrived ... Continue »
  • SAC Wireless Recruits Veterans to Meet 5G Deployment Needs

    July 18, 2019—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    As carriers begin to deploy 5G wireless communications technology, tower services companies are aggressively recruiting and training new employees to fill the rapidly growing need for skilled, fully trained cell tower crews. “SAC is working hard to bridge the gap between the demand for qualified, trained technicians and the expected upsurge ... Continue »

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