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  • ADRF Achieves UL 2524 Certification

    October 22, 2020— AGL eDigestAdvanced RF Technologies (ADRF) has announced its PSR-U Series and the BBx-U Series are the first line of public safety repeaters and battery backups to be listed/certified by UL to UL 2524, the standard for in-building 2 way emergency radio communication 3nhancement systems, second edition, both individually and as a ... Continue »
  • Crown Castle Lowers 2020 Guidance as Tower Activity Pushes Out to 2021

    October 22, 2020—
    By The Editors of AGL
    Crown Castle International has reduced it 2020 outlook across the board primarily because of tower activity delayed from the second half of 2020 to the first half of 2021, which negatively affected the expected organic contribution to site rental revenues by $20 million and services contribution from towers by $50 ... Continue »
  • Public Safety Communications in the Wake of the Pandemic

    October 22, 2020—
    By Derek DiGiacomo
    As preparations continue for the months ahead, it is essential for cable, wireless, power companies, offices of emergency management and government officials all to be at the same table to coordinate recovery efforts and disaster relief. The telecommunications industry plays a key role in crisis response, public safety and recovery, as ... Continue »
  • A Hacker’s Paradise

    October 22, 2020—
    By Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT magazine, Senior Member, IEEE
    Ern’s Perspective Always on, always connected…and therein lies the danger. We have always known that the road to always-on would give hackers a wide attack surface. Little did we know exactly just how wide that surface is. Having computers, phones, tablets, wearables, the Internet of Anything/Everything (IoX) devices, autonomous vehicles, unlicensed networks, ... Continue »
  • Carr: U.S. Networks Pass COVID-19 Stress Test

    October 22, 2020—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    The coronavirus pandemic, which has caused more than 226,000 deaths in the United States, has tested the wireless networks across the nation, shining a light on the need for additional connectivity in rural America. The internet infrastructure in the United States saw anywhere from a 20 percent to 30 percent ... Continue »
  • Carriers Fund Development of 5G Products, Services

    October 22, 2020—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    T-Mobile Launches Multimillion-dollar Fund Before LTE, there was no app economy or mobile video calls or mobile videos or even instant access to the internet from a cell phone. The carriers built it, and the mobile solutions came. The industry is again at a juncture where carriers are building a ... Continue »
  • FCC to Vote on Streamlined Review of Modifications at Base of Towers

    October 21, 2020—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    AGL eDigestThe FCC will consider a Report and Order at its open meeting Oct. 27, that would further accelerate the deployment of 5G by providing that modifications to existing towers involving limited ground excavation or deployment would be subject to streamlined state and local review pursuant to section 6409(a) of the ... Continue »
  • SAC Wireless to Build Out High-speed Wireless in Navajo Nation

    October 20, 2020— SAC Wireless, a Nokia company, is building a network for Choice NTUA in Navajo Nation, using Nokia AirScale 4G LTE RAN for fixed wireless access . “Bridging the digital divide for the Navajo Nation opens up opportunities for Native-owned businesses to grow and for valued citizens to gain access to essential ... Continue »