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  • FCC Increases Unlicensed Wireless Operations in TV White Spaces

    October 27, 2020— Rule Changes Will Enhance Broadband Connectivity in Rural Communities —  WASHINGTON, October 27, 2020—The FCC today amended its rules governing unlicensed wireless services provided over spectrum in the television broadcasting bands – the so-called TV white spaces.  The amended rules will allow for expanded use of this spectrum for the delivery ... Continue »
  • FCC to Fund 5G Networks in Rural Areas

    October 27, 2020— Will Distribute Up to $9B for Next-Gen Wireless Broadband Connectivity in Rural America  WASHINGTON, October 27, 2020—The FCC today adopted rules creating the 5G Fund for Rural America, which will distribute up to $9 billion over the next decade to bring 5G wireless broadband connectivity to rural America.  5G represents the ... Continue »
  • Apollo Infrastructure Funds Acquires Tower Platform from Lendlease

    October 27, 2020— AGL eDigestCertain funds managed by affiliates of Apollo have acquired a tower platform from Lendlease, including a portfolio of operating cell towers and a pipeline of contracted towers under development. The acquired company will rebrand itself as Parallel Infrastructure, the same name it held prior to being acquired by Lendlease in ... Continue »
  • FCC IDs Measures to Prevent Outages Similar to T-Mobile Event

    October 27, 2020— The FCC blamed T-Mobile for its nationwide network outage that occurred in June because it was not following established network reliability best practices. A staff report detailed the causes and impact of the outage along with remedies to prevent similar outages in the future. “Our staff investigation found that the T-Mobile ... Continue »
  • Bill Mandates Backup Power at California Cell Towers

    October 27, 2020—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    A bill has been signed into law by California Gov. Gavin Newsom that creates an expedited process for the installation of low-emission, emergency standby generators to provide back-up power for cell tower sites throughout California during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) electrical power outage or a catastrophic emergency. The bill, ... Continue »
  • U.S. Presidential Race Takes Spotlight Off China

    October 27, 2020—
    By Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT magazine, Senior Member, IEEE
    Ern’s Perspective One interesting thing that has absent from the news cycles lately is President Donald Trump’s villainization of China, in favor of villainizing the Democrats. As he Twitters along, beating up Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the media and others, China just continues to disengage with America in certain vectors. For example, despite ... Continue »
  • Taking a Closer Look at 5G mmWave Deployment Strategies

    October 27, 2020—
    U.S. Wireless operators Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA and AT&T Mobility own millimeter-wave (mmWave)  RF spectrum licenses and have deployed 5G wireless communications service using mmWave spectrum in some U.S. markets. But just because these operators are using high-band mmWave spectrum for 5G doesn’t mean that their deployment strategies are the ... Continue »