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  • Something for Everyone at NYSWA’s Wireless Forum

    May 24, 2019—
    J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    AGL eDigestA broad range of topics, from financing, federal regulations and public safety to technology, will be covered during the New York State Wireless Association’s Wireless Forum, to be held June 20 and 21 in New York City. “The panels address what we believe are the key topics in the wireless industry ... Continue »
  • Squan Embraces Network Life-Cycle Services Business

    May 24, 2019—
    By Don Bishop, Exec. Editor, Assoc. Publisher, AGL Magazine
    AGL eDigestDuring the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Connectivity Expo in Orlando, Florida, Squan announced that it has transitioned from only providing construction services to also offering end-to-end or specialized services as a network life-cycle business. Extraspoke with Keith Pennachio, Squan’s executive vice president, who added the role of chief strategy officer as part ... Continue »
  • Women in Wireless: A Cause Worth Supporting

    May 24, 2019—
    By Don Bishop, Exec. Editor, Assoc. Publisher, AGL Magazine
    AGL eDigestOne of the organizations that both AGL Media Group and the Wireless Industry Association (WIA) has been instrumental in supporting and being passionate about, is women in wireless. So much so that the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) is affiliated with WIA and AGL is a member of the WWLF. At ... Continue »
  • Altaeros Readies SuperTower Aerostat for Rural Use

    May 24, 2019—
    By Don Bishop, Exec. Editor, Assoc. Publisher, AGL Magazine
    AGL eDigestAn aerostat that serves as an autonomous aerial cell tower offers hope for expanding cellular coverage to rural and hard-to-reach areas. The company that makes it, Altaeros, calls its product a SuperTower that lifts radios and antennas more than 800 feet into the air, allowing them to cover the same ... Continue »
  • Connect (X) Top Execs Give Buoyant Report on Health of Tower Industry

    May 24, 2019—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    AGL eDigestSpeakers gave upbeat assessments of the tower industry on the “View From the Top: Tower Executive Roundtable,” moderated by Jonathan Adelstein, president and CEO of the Wireless Industry Association during its Connectivity Expo earlier this week. Earlier this week, which has been crowded with wireless news, FCC Chairman Pai announced that ... Continue »
  • Industry Celebrates Passage of Nebraska Small Cell Bill

    May 22, 2019— Speakers at the Connectivity Expo in Orlando, and leaders around the wireless industry, were upbeat about the signing of Nebraska’s Small Cell Wireless Facilities Deployment Act into law by Governor Pete Ricketts. The number of states with small cell legislation now stands at 25. “Our organization has committed to passing small ... Continue »
  • New Work Management Solution Debuts

    May 22, 2019— Sitetracker released a comprehensive work management module to its project and asset management platform resulting in a single end-to-end solution that manages cycle times efficiently, yesterday, at the WIA Connectivity Expo. As a natural extension of Sitetracker’s current project and asset management platform, Sitetracker’s Work Management module allows project managers to: ●     Improve first-time ... Continue »

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