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  • Sitetracker Conducts Wireless Infrastructure Industry Survey

    January 27, 2020—
    By The Editors of AGL
    AGL eDigestSitetracker has released its inaugural Telecom Infrastructure Survey to gather insights from the personnel in the field building out 5G connectivity. “Although there are high-level industry surveys collecting interesting data,” said Brett Chester, VP of marketing at Sitetracker, “it’s time that we get down to brass tacks. Today, we are launching ... Continue »
  • Small Cell Cabinet-to-Pole Installation

    January 27, 2020—
    By Bobby Mack McClung
    This case study provides an analysis of a small cell site installation from cabinet to pole for a major U.S. mobile carrier. The landscape of the mobile networks industry is changing rapidly as the focus of networks moves from coverage to provide voice communications to capacity to provide data to handsets ... Continue »
  • Dali Wireless Files Suits Against Corning, JMA Wireless

    January 23, 2020— Dali Wireless filed a pair of patent lawsuits this week. In the U.S. District Court for the Western District for North Carolina, Charlotte Division, Dali filed suit against Corning Optical Communications for the infringement of U.S. Patent Numbers 10,159,074 and 9,769,766 (case No. 3:19-cv-714). Dali’s patents disclose and claim software defined ... Continue »
  • NATE’s Chairman Testifies to the 5G Workforce Shortage, Legislative Remedies

    January 23, 2020—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    Last week, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee heard about advancements in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, automated factories and other gee-whiz inventions coming in the future. This week, the committee focused on the communications infrastructure and workforce that are needed to make those innovations possible. U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., chairman of ... Continue »
  • Thinking About Selling a Tower Site?

    January 23, 2020—
    By Tom Engel
    Should you sell your tower? How do you know? Learn what is ahead for tower valuations and the best way to sell, get the transaction closed, and obtain maximum value. Not long ago, the value of silver retraced its recent high of $20 an ounce. Tower sites with high-quality cash flow equate ... Continue »
  • Will 5G, itself, Mean Anything in the Long Run?

    January 23, 2020—
    By Ernest Worthman, AWT Exec. Editor, IEEE Sr. Member
    Ern’s Perspective I cannot recall, in all the years I have been in both wireless and media, any platform or technology beset with a nonstop effort to convince everyone it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. For the last couple of years, the concerted effort, by any number of entities ... Continue »
  • Britain Edges Toward Letting Huawei in

    January 23, 2020—
    By The Editors of AGL
    Britain is moving forward toward granting Huawei a limited role in the UK’s future 5G network, despite U.S. calls for a complete ban, Reuters reported today. “The officials proposed barring Huawei from the sensitive, data-heavy “core” part of the network and restricted government systems, closely mirroring a provisional decision made last ... Continue »
  • Dish Network to Release RFI/RFP for Standalone 5G Network Buildout

    January 23, 2020—
    By The Editors of AGL
    As Dish Network prepares to build its virtualized, standalone 5G network, the company plans to release a Request for Information and Request for Proposal (RFI/RFP) for Telecom Transport Services in the coming weeks. The Telecom Transport Services RFI/RFP, the fifth in a series of RFPs for different elements of the national ... Continue »
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