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  • Internet of Everything Still Suffers Fragmentation

    By Ernest Worthman
    October 18, 2017— The Internet of Everything (IoX), like 5G, has been the subject of much hype. Recently, I have seen some reality checks on 5G and I just saw one on the IoX. The IoX is a lot more ambiguous than 5G right now. At least 5G has a vision that includes ... Continue »
  • Carriers Use Roaming, COLTS and COWs to Connect Puerto Ricans

    By The Editors of AGL
    October 18, 2017— The road to the recovery of cellular service facilities in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico continues long and the progress is slow. More than 75 percent of the cell sites are out of service. A dozen of of the 78 counties have 100 percent of their cell sites out of service. However, ... Continue »
  • Verizon Uses Airborne Sensors to Inspect Cell Sites Threatened by California Fires

    By The Editors of AGL
    October 18, 2017— American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) conducted aerial reconnaissance early this week using a specially equipped aircraft to get a better view of Verizon’s cell sites in areas of northern California threatened by wildfires. A manned Cessna 210 aircraft, operated by AATI, carried its InstiMaps mapping and imaging technology, which employs high-resolution ... Continue »
  • The Price Was Not Right! California Small Cell Bill Vetoed

    By J. Sharpe Smith
    October 18, 2017— The wireless industry’s efforts to pass small cell siting legislation at the state level was dealt a setback earlier this week as California Gov. Edmund Brown vetoed a bill, Senate Bill 649, which was passed by the legislature in that state. The bill sought to establish a uniform permitting process small ... Continue »
  • T-Mobile, FOX TV’s WWOR to Speed TV Repack

    By The Editors of AGL
    October 18, 2017— T-Mobile is partnering with FOX Television Stations (FTS) to accelerate the repacking of its 600 MHz spectrum by 16 months and reducing overall costs for the Incentive Auction Relocation fund by tens of millions. As part of the agreement, WWOR-TV will repack in early 2018, over a year sooner than the ... Continue »
  • Collaboration is Key to 5G Small Cells–Mansfield

    By J. Sharpe Smith
    October 18, 2017— A number of different technologies must come together to make 5G a reality, Gordon Mansfield, AT&T, told an audience at the HetNet Expo in West Palm Beach 2017 last week. “A lot of people think that 5G is a singular, magical event, but the fact is that 5G is a lot ... Continue »
  • WIA Expands Focus with Creation of Connectivity Expo

    By J. Sharpe Smith
    October 18, 2017— AGL eDigestThe Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) has developed a new conference and trade show with a broad view of the evolving telecommunications ecosystem. The Connectivity Expo, known as Connect (X), will debut May 21-24 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. “If you look forward, which is what the association ... Continue »
  • 5G Readiness on the Rise

    By Ericsson
    October 13, 2017— 5G Readiness Survey 2017 Released The 5G Readiness Survey 2017 shows that many operators have accelerated preparations for the new technology and trials are being carried out by 78 percent of the respondents. Furthermore, 28 percent of the respondents expect to deploy 5G next year. The survey also shows that operators have ... Continue »
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