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  • T-Mobile’s Core Businesses Continue to Flourish

    February 15, 2018—
    Steve Vachon, TBRI
    T-Mobile remains dominant in postpaid phone net additions while pursuing growth initiatives in video and IoT. With a Sprint merger officially off the table for the time being, T-Mobile is focused on continuing to grow its business organically through retail and network expansion. T-Mobile will sustain revenue and subscriber growth over ... Continue »
  • During First Year, NY Subway Logs 140M Calls, 120M Wi-Fi Logins

    February 15, 2018— Since its completion one year ago, the popularity of seamless cellular coverage in subway stations and platforms, along with the public access Transit Wireless Wi-Fi network, has continued to grow. During 2017, more than 280 million cellular calls originated within the underground subway stations, and 120 million Wi-Fi log-ins were ... Continue »
  • CommScope Enters Fixed Wireless Market

    February 15, 2018— AGL eDigestCommScope is entering the fixed wireless access market with the introduction of an integrated antenna solution based on xRAN open interface specifications. The open interface allows wireless operators to mix and match radio access network (RAN) hardware from multiple vendors to varying requirements. The company will highlight the technologies at Mobile ... Continue »
  • Kathrein Takes Part in 5G Antenna System Project

    February 15, 2018—
    Anton Maier, Kathrein
    Kathrein has partnered with the French telecommunications corporation Orange and network specialist Nokia to set the course for the deployment of 5G technology. In Paris, a new antenna system was introduced which combines 5G-ready MIMO technology with the standards for existing mobile technologies such as LTE. Up until now, it has ... Continue »
  • 4X4MIMO to Come Alive at Mobile World Congress

    February 15, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, CommScope will be introducing a full line of 4x4MIMO (4T4R multiple input/multiple output) antenna models that combine multiple data streams with additional spectrum bands, such as 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 1400 MHz (Europe), to assist operators with the gig speeds ... Continue »
  • Regulators Get Ready for 5G

    February 15, 2018—
    By Brendan Carr
    As regulators, we all want to see 5G wireless communications deployed as quickly and ubiquitously as possible. We all want to see consumers benefit from the advanced services and technologies that a 5G network can enable — everything from new telehealth offerings to autonomous cars to smart city applications. No ... Continue »
  • NWSA Appoints Members to Board of Governors

    February 15, 2018— Borghei, Dickinson, Eades, Moore, Roberts, Tarafa and Trent to Provide Leadership and Oversight for NWSA’s Certification Programs The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) has appointed several industry representatives to its Board of Governors, including Bernard Borghei, Executive Vice President – Operations and Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge, Doug Dickinson, Western Region Environmental Health & ... Continue »
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