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  • FCC Grants Additional Rural Tribal Spectrum Licenses

    May 13, 2021— The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has granted an additional 40 spectrum licenses in the 2.5 GHz band to help connect rural Tribal communities.  This valuable mid-band spectrum can be used for 5G and other advanced wireless services. “Wireless spectrum in the hands of the unserved and underserved is a powerful tool,” ... Continue »
  • Small Cell Forum Selects JMA’s Tucson Deployment for Social Impact Award

    May 13, 2021— The Small Cell Forum (SCF) has given JMA Wireless (JMA) its Social Impact Award for promoting socio-economic-environmental development through the recently deployed JMA private network in Tucson, Arizona. The award gives recognition to JMA’s private network technology as a model for municipal connectivity services and for efforts that help close ... Continue »
  • Insurance Office of America Welcomes Stephanie Brewer to its Telecommunications Team

    May 13, 2021— Insurance Office of America (IOA) has brought onto its telecommunications team Stephanie Brewer, as director of telecommunications safety and compliance. She will work with IOA telecommunications clients and with USA Telecom Insurance Services clientele. Brewer has 14 years of risk and compliance work experience with a large telecommunications tower construction company. ... Continue »
  • Ericsson ConsumerLab Says 5G Already Changing Smartphone Use Behavior

    May 12, 2021— A new report by Ericsson ConsumerLab highlights the impact that 5G is already having on smartphone users worldwide and what they expect the technology to deliver in the future. Indoor coverage is one of the focus areas to emerge from the consumer research, with one-in-five 5G users already reducing Wi-Fi ... Continue »
  • Union Wireless Chooses Aviat for Rural Broadband Expansion

    May 12, 2021— Aviat Networks, a provider of wireless transport equipment and software, disclosed that telecommunications service provider Union Wireless has selected Aviat all-outdoor WTM radio systems to increase backhaul capacity and extend its network. Union Wireless serves southern Wyoming and portions of Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. The carrier is purchasing systems through ... Continue »
  • Parallel Wireless Achieves O-RAN Milestones

    May 12, 2021— Parallel Wireless has achieved milestones in enabling rural and urban wireless networks involving what the company calls its all-G, cloud-native open radio access network (O-RAN) solution. In a statement, the company said that its O-RAN vision has always been that rural macro success is a natural and necessary prerequisite for ... Continue »