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AGL PRESENTS: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Vertical Bridge Senior Vice President Bob Paige said he has been lucky, and it is easy to see why. He chose to enter telecom finance in 1987, when deregulation and wireless technology were both just starting to affect the industry. He earned his MBA while working full time and helping his wife care for their first child, an experience in multitasking that he said prepared him for helping to start Vertical Bridge.

Past Interviews

To celebrate Black History Month and to embark on a year-long journey during 2021, AGL Media Group is introducing a multi-platform media series. Our goal is to celebrate, educate, and raise awareness about the diversity of people making a difference throughout the communications infrastructure industry. By producing a series of video interviews, published features and social media engagements we hope to achieve these objectives by offering the stories illustrating the impact that embracing diversity has on our industry.

For this series, our host and interviewer will be Ms. Lynn Whitcher. Ms. Whitcher is currently the General Counsel for MD7, a mobile infrastructure consultancy serving clients worldwide. Previously, Ms. Whitcher was an attorney with McGuireWoods where she was Co-Chair of their Women’s Leadership Forum. In addition, she is President Emeritus of the California Wireless Association (CALWA), Board Member of the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) and the Japanese American Bar Association, and Governor of the Asian Pacific American Woman Lawyers Alliance. We could not ask for a more qualified and capable person to work on this important initiative. In addition, Lynn and AGL will be supported by veteran journalist and AGL Connections host, Martha DeGrasse, who will produce and spreadhead the program throughout the year.

By offering face to face conversations celebrating diversity and inclusion, we hope to educate and bring to life the contributions of people of color as leaders, inventors, technologists, mentors, parents, partners, children, caregivers and citizens of the comm-infra industry. We hope that throughout this year that we continue to challenge each and every one of us to expand our knowledge and offer a better future for humanity through a singular voice and vision.

Upcoming Interviewees

Bob Paige, EVP Vertical Bridge
Walter Cannon, EVP ZenFi
Leticia Latino, CEO Neptuno
Clarence McAllister, CEO Fortis Engineering
Kenton Wallace, President of GA Wireless and VP AMP Communications
Johannes (Joe) Dzidzienyo, CEO & Founder- Global World Technology