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How to Solve Osprey Nesting on Cell Towers

By Russell Adams

Whether cellular base station antennas are supported by telecommunications, water or powerline towers, keeping them free of birds’ nests eases maintenance and improves worker safety.

The bald eagle effigy designed to keep osprey from nesting on a tower.

A solution for osprey nesting on vertical structures stems from years of falconry experience and working within the wildlife industry resolving problems with birds and wildlife. The solution? A replica bald eagle that challenges the ospreys’ nesting territory by portraying the takeover of the nesting territory with a much larger, more powerful predator. The replica triggers the ospreys’ self-preservation instincts, leading them to abandon the subject nesting territory for a safer one far away from the threat.

Osprey deterrence will be an integral component for servicing and changing out equipment in the 5G wireless communications network deployment race. Osprey nests cause costly problems for network operators that have to wait months for the young to fledge out and leave the nest site. Osprey nesting on these towers only contributes to an accelerated behavior on the part of these birds preferring to use these platforms for nesting. When raised on these structures, young osprey are predetermined to only use these structures to build their own nests. This is the reason the industry has seen an explosion of these birds’ nest on its sites. However big the problem is now, it will only become exponentially worse. The bald eagle replica has proven to be extremely effective on historic osprey nesting sites. Osprey simply will not nest on a site that may put their young in danger of predators. When this element is introduced, osprey abandon the site for one that is safer and far away from the threat. This concept has proven to be effective on other birds of prey, too, such as red-tailed hawks.

Test results show complete effectiveness on osprey nest-site abandonment. The osprey effigy includes the installation bracket and all necessary hardware, as well as non-kill signage for the gate. Installations are performed by the customer’s service climbers.

Furthermore, using an osprey deterrent along with a vulture deterrent keeps antenna sites clear of both problem birds.

Successful Deterrence

Our company manages the climb and installation through an end-to-end program that standardizes the purchase from quote to installation and closeout. This program eliminates the need for multiple purchase orders and paperwork required by the purchaser. To meet your problematic-bird needs, we conduct a site review to ensure that you purchase the best system tailored to your tower. Custom work does not conclude with the sale of the effigy alone; we also work to find the most qualified, cost-effective technicians to install the specialty bracket systems.

The osprey effigy is made of high-quality steel, galvanized for an estimated product life of four to six years. It is manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2015-certified company and uses standard mounting hardware. The brackets are custom made for the product line and are standardized for each installation.

The effigies’ designs are based on the dimensions and characteristics of live birds, so that they are easily identified by the birds they are intended to deter. The installation integrates scientifically tested placement carried out by trusted installers with skilled technical training. Placement and installation are coordinated by an installation team that provides in-depth training to new and future technicians. Installation service providers receive certification that is good for one year, allowing businesses to continue to place effigies on adjacent structures as needed. This process ensures timely placement with effective results.

The vulture effigies and a custom-engineered C-bracket system allow each effigy to oscillate in the wind, reproducing realistic distress signs of a dying vulture. This representation has proven to successfully deter incoming vultures, because we ensure that the installation is highly visible. Unlike previous measures that used a dead vulture carcass to deter incoming birds, this system is a humane, eco-friendly alternative that will last.

Much like the custom bracket system of the vulture effigy, the osprey deterrent system comes with a specialized steel-galvanized L-bracket to ensure that the majestic eagle provides effective results. Not just a symbol of American pride, the eagle also will deter nesting osprey from invading manmade structures.

Our company monitors the placement of our systems long after installation to ensure that they provide the most effective deterrent solution on the market. Ongoing research and development improves product effectiveness.

Russell Adams is founding partner and president of operations at Bird Deterrent Technologies. Visit www.bdtllc.com or email: radams@bdtllc.com. This article first ran in the December issue of AGL Magazine.