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IR-Equipped LED Dual Red/White Strobe

Dialight has launched the Vigilant LED dual red/white strobe with infrared (IR) obstruction lighting system. The dual IR flash head and systems are approved through Intertek to the FAA AC 150/5345-43G and Engineering Brief No. 67D standards, with the addition of the IR LEDs to the standard red night operation to enhance visibility and safety for pilots, including those who utilize night-vision goggles (NVGs).

The use of NVGs in aviation is growing quickly, especially among military and medical helicopter pilots, for their improved sight distance and clarity in identifying obstacles, terrain and changing weather conditions. Yet, certain NVG filters block out the light produced by red LEDs, making the lights difficult to detect. The Dialight product utilizes IR LEDs in conjunction with red LEDs to optimize visibility of critical obstructions under all conditions.

The IR strobe features IR LEDs (in series with the red LEDs) operating with peak intensity at 850nm to ensure 360 degrees of visibility for the latest generation of NVGs utilizing Class B or C filters. The Dialight dual fixture is fully compliant to the IR intensity and angle standards set by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, which is widely accepted as the international standard. www.dialight.com

LED Obstruction Lighting System

DialightProductShowcase0615 (2)The Dialight Class I/Division 2-certified FAA-approved SafeSite integrated LED obstruction lighting system is for medium-intensity installations. The system includes Dialight’s patented CID2-certified SafeSite L-864/L-865 dual red/white flash head, CID2-certified L-810 red side markers, CID1/CID2 integrated power supply/controller and CID2 long-life photocell. The system is covered by Dialight’s five-year warranty. www.dialight.com


High-intensity Strobe Lights

Dialight’s FAA-certified all-LED Vigilant L-856 high-intensity strobe offers maintenance savings and at least 10 years of worry-free operation. Ruggedized for harsh conditions, the L-856 strobe is designed for operation in an ambient temperature range of -104 degrees Fahrenheit to +131 degrees Fahrenheit and is highly resistant to lightning, vibration and shock. With the ability to withstand multiple direct hits, the strobe is one of the toughest obstruction lights on the market. Also available from Dialight is a new line of FAA-certified Vigilant LED aircraft obstruction lighting systems. The obstruction lighting products, from the L-864 red beacon to the L-864/L-865 dual red/white strobe, offers tower operators and owners a lower-power consumption product. The beacons and strobes are the first product line to be tested and verified by Intertek ETL to the 2012 Transport Canada CAR 621 specification. www.dialight.com

All-LED Dual Red/White High-Intensity Obstruction Lighting System

Dialight has unveiled an all-LED, FAA-certified L-856/L-864 dual red/white integrated high-intensity beacon system. The Vigilant Series system features a compact, lightweight flash head. The system reduces the cost of maintenance and the associated safety risks, but also lowers energy consumption and cost. The dual system operates in three modes: day (270,000 candela at 220W), twilight (20,000 candela at 40W) and night (2,000 candela at 40W), plus night-time red (2,000 candela at 30W) with all wattage levels including the controller. The lower energy load reduces the level of EMI/RFI compared to Xenon systems, which minimizes communication signal interruption.  www.dialight.com