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DragonWave Renews Framework with Nokia Siemens Networks

DragonWave has announced changes to its operational framework with Nokia Siemens Networks. It will continue to be the preferred, strategic supplier to Nokia Siemens Networks of packet microwave and related products, and the companies will jointly coordinate technology development activities. The companies’ alliance will be strengthened by the renewed framework, which reinforces Nokia Siemens Networks’ commitment to its mobile broadband customers.

DragonWave has rebranded the products acquired from Nokia Siemens Networks as “Harmony” products and will continue the support and development of these products, which will also be sold via Nokia Siemens Networks. The strategic agreement envisions Nokia Siemens Networks continuing to maintain the commercial interface to mobile customers and Harmony remains a fundamental part of its mobile broadband proposition.

“The new arrangements are intended to streamline our operations and customer outreach strategy to better serve Nokia Siemens Networks and its customers,” said DragonWave president and CEO Peter Allen. “We look forward to continuing to pursue market opportunities together with Nokia Siemens Networks.”

Marc Rouanne, executive vice president, mobile broadband at Nokia Siemens Networks, said, “We believe that by 2020, mobile networks will need to be ready to deliver one gigabyte of personalized data per user per day profitably and we are committed to offering our customers the best mobile broadband solution possible including the microwave that DragonWave brings to the table.”

Backhaul Solution for Urban Small-cell Networks

The Avenue Link Lite sub-6-GHz point-to-point microwave radio from DragonWave has a form factor of only 7.5 inches square, including an integrated antenna. The unit supports licensed and unlicensed spectrum and is suited for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) deployment scenarios where obstructions are found between link endpoints. The unit offers full scalability and is designed within specifications that ensure compliance with strict city-zoning regulations in order to blend into the urban landscape. It can be configured and monitored remotely. Streamlined functionality is complemented by low power consumption (less than 15 W), PoE compatibility, reduced cabling requirements and in-band synchronization, which eliminates the need for an external synchronization source. The high-capacity and low-latency capabilities make it one of the first LTE-ready NLOS systems. It can be deployed using a tree topology, with macrocell traffic aggregation points on rooftops, or with tail, chain or small hub microsites at street level, which reduces interference and offers more flexible network connectivity, as well as simplifying network expansion and helping to ensure protected network architectures. www.dragonwaveinc.com

DragonWave Signs Supply Agreement with WireIE

As demand for Carrier Ethernet services to rural and remote locations grows, DragonWave has signed a three-year contract with its existing customer, WireIE, a Canadian wholesale network operator. The contract is valued at approximately $1 million in the first year and will support WireIE’s expansion through deployment of Horizon Compact, Compact+ and Horizon Quantum solutions.

WireIE has experienced significant growth of its transparent Ethernet solutions (TES) in rugged environments, and is expanding its opportunities to deliver carrier-grade Ethernet to remote locations throughout Canada and the Americas. The network carrier provides Ethernet solutions for business, enterprise and government, and focuses on using cost-effective backhaul and access solutions that utilize fiber and advanced digital radio.

“Our team has a great deal of positive experience working with DragonWave, as the company has been our supplier since we first launched WireIE,” said Rob Barlow, president & and CEO, in a company statement. “Our solution for bringing Carrier Ethernet to remote areas is unique because it demands equipment that can perform reliably in the harshest of outdoor conditions. Our extensive positive experience with DragonWave microwave equipment has allowed us to establish service level agreement contracts that commit us to high performance standards with our customers. This was a key factor in our decision to continue to partner with DragonWave for high-capacity packet microwave radios as the foundation for delivering our services.”

DragonWave Products Integral to Nigerian Carriers’ Demand for Wireless Backhaul

DragonWave is addressing a growing demand for streamlined wireless backhaul solutions in the Nigerian market. The company has recent deployments with five new customers in the West African nation. Mobitel, Netcom, MainOne, Spectranet and Monacom have selected DragonWave’s Horizon product family to deliver high-capacity, 4G/LTE-ready wireless backhaul networks. The Horizon Compact Plus and Quantum products were selected to backhaul Internet, voice and data services as part of Nigeria’s growing broadband access solutions for their business and end-user customers.

“Since its inception in 2009, Mobitel has relied on a technical partnership with DragonWave that has contributed directly to our ongoing success,” said Johnson Salako, Mobitel president and CEO, in a company release. “DragonWave provides unmatched service and support for a line of radios that are easily installed, configured and managed, as well as providing the durability and functionality that ensures optimum performance in Nigeria’s challenging climate conditions.”

“Installing and configuring DragonWave links is a streamlined process, which has allowed us to quickly upgrade our network and utilize them as the cornerstone for our BTS and enterprise service offerings,” said Mahesh Bhanarkar, head of technical operations for Spectranet, in a press release.

“We’ve prioritized Africa as a viable market given that our technological advantage and high-quality radio transmission makes wireless broadband applications more accessible and affordable,” said Peter Allen, president and CEO, DragonWave, in a company statement. “We view these new deployments in Nigeria as a bellwether for expanding DragonWave’s footprint regionally and bringing the best and most reliable mobile wireless backhaul solutions to the continent.”

High-capacity Packet Solution

DragonWave’s Horizon E-series is an all-outdoor millimeter-wave Ethernet backhaul solution that delivers up to 1 Gbps capacity and carrier-grade networking capabilities. Operating in the 71-GHz to 76-GHz licensed E-band frequencies, the solution delivers enhanced adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation capabilities to ensure maximum spectral efficiency. Designed with strenuous carrier wireless backhaul demands in mind, the series is equally capable in mobile backhaul, enterprise or Ethernet service provider network applications. The packet solution eliminates collocation fees and enables rapid deployment and delivers up to 80 percent energy savings relative to traditional split-mount systems. www.dragonwaveinc.com