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MIMO Panel Antenna

GaltronicsGaltronics has unveiled its EXTENT D5777i 30/30° narrow beamwidth MIMO panel antenna, which is designed for use in high-capacity venues such as stadiums, arenas, speedways or campuses. The narrow 30/30° beamwidth allows high sectorization within a venue, enabling RF engineers to design DAS for even higher data capacities. The EXTENT D5777i antenna has fast roll-off beams and minimal side lobes. It also covers a frequency range of 698-960 MHz/1710-2700 MHz. Galtronics engineers developed a mounting bracket for this antenna, which allows both wall and pole mounting and allows to fine-tune the antenna tilt and alignment. The bracket also features an extendable arm to increase the antenna’s distance from the wall or pole.

Key features of the EXTENT D5777i MIMO Panel Antenna include:

• Dynamic retractable antenna positioning from the pole or wall

• Port to Port isolation of less than -30 dB

• PIM certification guaranteed to be less than -150 dBc at 2×20 watts

• Different connector types available, such as 2x N(F), 2 x 7/16 DIN (F), 2 x 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN (F) or 2 x 4.3-10 (F)

• Wind survival rating of 150 mph