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BLiNQ Networks Secures $10 Million to Fuel Growth for Mobile Backhaul

BLiNQ Networks has raised an additional $10 million in funding to expand and accelerate its global sales and marketing efforts, as well as ongoing development of its patent-pending, high-capacity mobile transport solutions.

The round was funded by BLiNQ’s strong syndicate including BDC Venture Capital, New Venture Partners and Summerhill Venture Partners.

BLiNQ Networks, a technology carve-out of Nortel Networks, has defined a new category of non-line-of-site (NLOS) backhaul technology designed from the ground up for small cell transport. The BLiNQ solutions can be deployed anywhere in minutes with one truck roll and one technician. The solution is self-organizing and reliable as it continually self-optimizes to adapt to the changing environment.

Successful trials have been completed in North America and Europe and have demonstrated the availability, reliability and scalability of NLOS backhaul, according to Mickey Miller, BliNQ co-founder and CEO.