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iBwave Strengthens Collaboration with Anite

August 31st, 2016 — iBwave Mobile Planner and iBwave Mobile Note now have increased integration with the Anite Nemo Android solutions: Nemo IBC Meter, Nemo Handy and Nemo Walker Air, thanks to the expansion of the existing collaboration between iBwave and Anite.

“We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with iBwave.” says Kai Ojala, CTO and Vice President at Anite Network Testing, and continues: “With iBwave being very strong in the planning phase, our integration with their product suite brings tremendous advantages in the implementation of in-building wireless networks. Using iBwave and Anite Nemo solutions, our customers can truly streamline OPEX and accelerate DAS and small cell deployments.”

With the advent of HetNet technologies, in-building projects have become more complex to involve simultaneous planning for multiple technologies. Because of this trend, planning accuracy is now more critical, since the cost of inaccurate designs can be staggering.  The integration of iBwave Mobile and Anite Nemo makes it possible for operators and service providers to reduce their operational expenses (OPEX) and realize up to 60-70% time savings through planning based on accurate measurements.

“iBwave Mobile aims to eliminate time consuming tasks associated with site surveys and post-survey processing. With each new release and enhancement, we reduce the guesswork in RF data collection and network design” said Benoit Fleury, VP of Product Line Management at iBwave. He added “we are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Anite by offering a tighter integration with the Nemo suite. This is a continuation of our strategy to offer the most complete solution for wireless in-building deployments from design and prediction to data collection and documentation”.


iBwave, University of Maryland to Train RF Engineers

Montreal QC, May 26th 2016 – iBwave has announced its partnership with the Masters in Telecommunications program at the University of Maryland (UMD). The goal of this partnership is to equip future RF engineers with a solid knowledge of industry-leading iBwave Design software.

Twenty-five iBwave Design Lite Licenses were installed in a secured lab for the duration of the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells graduate level course. “We are thrilled to have this partnership with iBwave, the de facto software for the in-building RF planning.” said Dr. Rikin Thakker, Faculty at the ECE department at UMD, who designed and taught this course. “Innovations in the wireless and cellular industry are happening at a staggering pace and it is important that academia keeps up with the latest developments in the field to avoid deficit of skilled workforce” he added. As part of their coursework students were given hands-on training on the software, using realistic scenarios and use cases.

Since iBwave Design experience is considered a key requirement for RF Engineering positions industry-wide, many students are able to kick start their careers while enrolled in the course. “I was quite excited to be a part of this course and learn Small Cell and DAS Design on iBwave. During this time, I was fortunate enough to be hired by a company that designs in-building systems” says Ameya Joshi, Graduate Student at UMD. “My experience in iBwave was the most important skill that helped me leverage my profile and secure the job” he added.

“The partnership between iBwave and the Masters in Telecom program has been a unique opportunity for our students to learn hands-on indoor wireless design skills” said Dr. Zoltan Zafar, Program Director. “By taking this course on DAS and Small Cells, our students have learned not only the principles of in-building RF design, but they have also acquired familiarity with iBwave. Many wireless companies have welcomed the possibility of hiring students with iBwave Design experience. We hope that our partnership will continue in the future” he added.

“This academic partnership is very important to us as it reinforces our commitment to innovation and collaboration. By making our industry-reference software available for instruction and academic research, new ideas will be brought to light embracing new technical developments within the in-building design industry” said Benoit Fleury, VP Product Line Management at iBwave.

Inclusion of iBwave Design in the course work is seen as a welcome move by leading companies, as graduates of the two-year program typically end up working for global enterprises such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Due to the popularity of the course, it is set to resume in fall 2016.

For more information on the program, please contact iBwave or visit: www.ibwave.com. More information on the M.S. in Telecommunication Program can be found at: www.telecom.umd.edu.

iBWAVE Teams Up with TIM Brasil

MONTREAL, CANADA, November 17, 2015 – With 2016 Olympics just around the corner, there is a need for dependable high speed coverage and capacity solutions in Brazil. Social media savvy sports fans will be expecting uninterrupted access to data wherever they are, especially during their favorite sporting event. Brazil’s second largest mobile operator TIM has answered the call by designing superior indoor DAS solutions with the help of iBwave Design and iBwave Mobile Planner.

“Before iBwave we relied on outside partners, which constantly led to delays and re-planning. With the help of iBwave Design, we are able to generate accurate projections ourselves in a cost effective manner. We are also using iBwave Mobile Planner for less complicated projects and site surveys for corporate solutions. Both types of projects have become really easy, minimizing the need for modifications” says Marco Montalli, Manager Special Projects, TIM Brasil.

“As the industry standard in-building software, trusted by over 150 wireless operators and system integrators in Latin America, iBwave is happy that its solutions are helping TIM Brasil achieve their indoor coverage and capacity objectives for the 2016 Olympics” said Juan Felipe Gonzalez, SVP Global Sales iBwave.

In preparation for 2016 Olympics, Brazilian telecom companies are busy upgrading their wireless infrastructure to be ready for the influx of visitors during the events. The concentration of such data-heavy users will be putting an unprecedented strain on local networks. But with iBwave at its side, TIM Brasil is already ahead of the curve by making sure sports fans will be able to call, click and share to their heart’s delight during their favorite events.

ABOUT iBwave iBwave, the global in-building standard, serves over 700 leading telecommunication firms in 87 countries worldwide, with innovative indoor wireless solutions. Its leading software suite empowers operators, system integrators and OEMs to provide optimum network coverage and capacity inside buildings, where 80 percent of all wireless traffic occurs, while also boosting efficiency and productivity through the in-building project value chain. iBwave also offers quality hands-on training and certification programs, instilling awareness and proficiency in in-building wireless network design. www.ibwave.com FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Amna Chishty Marketing & Communications Specialist- iBwave Solutions Inc. E: [email protected]

ABOUT TIM TIM Brasil is the second largest mobile operator in Brazil and leader in the prepaid segment. The company has more than 74.6 million customers and a market share of 26.4%, with an annual turnover of around 7 billion euros. It is controlled by the local sub-holding Tim Brasil S.A. with a share of approximately 66.7% and is listed on the Novo Mercado, the segment of the Brazilian Stock Exchange reserved for companies with the highest standard of corporate governance. http://www.tim.com.br/sp/para-voce

Small Cell Design Platform

iBwaveThe iBwave Mobile Planner v 2.0 for indoor small cell and Wi-Fi networks allows the user to quickly and easily create system designs. The platform boasts advanced propagation capabilities, making it easier for RF engineers, IT technicians, installers, building owners and maintenance personnel to use with a few simple finger taps on their mobile devices. It reduces engineering time by as much as 60 percent. www.ibwave.com

Small-Cell Network Design Planner

iBwave has launched commercial availability of iBwave Mobile Planner for the design of indoor small cell networks. The user-friendly functionality of the app simplifies the design work for indoor small cell networks. Technicians with basic IT or Wi-Fi experience can create their designs in a few key steps: choose floor plan and site parameters; select and place small cells; and visualize network coverage contours. They can then save and upload their designs for retrieval by other teams. Since designs are created on-site, the amount of time and costs for small cell planning may be reduced. The company is simultaneously releasing a new training course for small cell planning. The iBwave Small Cells Training is a practical one-day course geared for field personnel to plan and deploy small cells. www.ibwave.com