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Congress OKs Incentive Auctions, Nationwide Public Safety Wireless Network

Along with streamlining tower collocations, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 also granted the FCC the authority to hold voluntary incentive auctions and allocated spectrum for a nationwide broadband network for first responders. Additionally, it provided $7 billion for public safety broadband network build out and up to $1.75 billion for relocation costs for broadcasters.

In a prepared text, Michael Fitch, president and CEO of PCIA, said “PCIA commends the conferees for the recommendation to make additional spectrum available for commercial and public safety use. The two critical components for wireless services are spectrum and the infrastructure needed to connect the wireless device and the network. The government must make spectrum available and will be doing so with this important legislation. PCIA member companies will make the needed wireless infrastructure available.”