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Equipment Shelter Manufacturers Consolidate

Looking to increase its product line and market coverage, Thermo Bond Buildings has acquired the precast concrete assets of Mobile/Modular Express II, maker of Reliant Shelters telecom shelters. The acquisition adds a concrete product offering to the existing lightweight, cabinet enclosures and metal structures of Thermo Bond Building. 

“The combination of the concrete shelter product line with our existing lightweight enclosures will provide our clients with additional options and allow us to meet the building requirements in any state or region,” said Steve Kistner, CEO of Thermo Bond Buildings.

Thermo Bond Buildings will use Modular Express’ existing facilities in Elkhart, Ind., to manufacture the precast concrete equipment enclosures and will continue to build lightweight enclosures and cabinets in Elk Point, S.D. The integration of the companies will take place over the next few months.

Mobile/Modular Express precast concrete shelters will now be produced as a new product line in the Thermo Bond Buildings equipment shelter line.