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Schlekeway and Nurnberg Sign Long Term Extensions with NATE

Todd Schlekeway, Executive Director and Paula Nurnberg, Chief Operating Officer of NATE, have agreed to multi-year contract extensions that will keep them directing the National Association of Tower Erectors, the nation’s leading grassroots communications infrastructure organization.

“The wireless industry is extremely fortunate to have Todd and Paula directing the management of our organization,” said Jim Tracy, NATE Chairman and CEO of Legacy Telecommunications, LLC. “Their outstanding leadership has contributed to a continual growth trajectory of success. They have remained true to the core mission of Safety First, Safety Always; honoring our history with a clear vision for our industry’s future. NATE has become an influential powerhouse in the wireless industry under their leadership and we are grateful that they have agreed to extend their obligations.”

Schlekeway joined NATE in 2012 and oversees the Association’s political advocacy efforts, key industry initiatives and coalition outreach. Under his leadership, NATE has increased its influence attracting a record level of members, reflecting the growing status of tower infrastructure to the U.S. economy. Todd has also been the catalyst for the movement of NATE into arenas affecting its membership ranging from Unmanned Aerial Systems, emerging technologies and small cells to enhanced collaboration with the FCC.

Prior to NATE, Schlekeway served for two terms in South Dakota’s state legislature where he represented his district in both the State House and the State Senate. Schlekeway also worked for seven years as the founder and principal of a public affairs and communications firm called Full Court Strategies Group, LLC and worked on the 2004-2005 Presidential Inaugural Committee.

“The sky is the limit for NATE and I am ecstatic to continue representing the Association in this leadership capacity,” said Schlekeway. “As 5G deployment begins to scale in 2019, continuity among our executive team will enable NATE to continue playing a leading role positively impacting the wireless ecosystem through the Association’s policy advocacy, resources development and grassroots outreach.”

Paula Nurnberg joined NATE as a staff member in 1995, the startup era of the Association. She has held virtually every position and role that NATE has ever created. “Under Paula’s direction, this group has weathered many storms and come out stronger as an Association. Her perseverance is a testament to her character and determination. Paula has been the glue of NATE for over two decades,” said long time NATE Board Member Jimmy Miller from MillerCo, Inc. of Gulfport, Mississippi. Paula has been the Chief Operating Officer of NATE since 2011.

Prior to being named Chief Operating Officer, Nurnberg held positions in Operations, Events, Member Services, and publishing including both Marketing and Advertising. Paula was also instrumental in the development of many programs including the NATE Wireless Industry Network and Women of NATE. She has continually earned expanded roles and responsibilities throughout her career at NATE.

“I am honored to continue serving NATE where I started my career over twenty years ago,” stated Nurnberg. “Throughout the years NATE has become my home away from home because of the loyal and passionate members and leaders within the Association. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful individuals assisting in the growth and development of the wireless industry with the ultimate goal of bringing everyone home safely at the end of each day. I look forward to continue aiding to build on NATE’s tradition of safety, standards and education.”

NATE Releases Job Hazard Analysis #ClimberConnection Video

JHA Video Last to Debut in Volume 3 of Series

NATE has unveiled a video entitled “Job Hazard Analysis: Reducing Your Risk” that highlights the important elements of conducting a JHA at a communications tower site. The video is the last video to make its debut in Volume 3 of the Association’s renowned Climber Connection series.

The educational video includes an interview with an experienced industry safety manager who articulates the proactive inspection, documentation and processes involved with implementing a JHA prior to work commencing at a tower site. The video also highlights several prominent NATE resources and the information contained in the ANSI/ASSE A10.48 Standard as essential guides to utilize when conducting a JHA.

“Proactively mandating thorough job hazard analysis steps on a daily basis is an integral part of keeping our company’s technicians safe on the job,” said Amy Dolce, Safety Manager at SAI Group in Salem, New Hampshire. “This video does an outstanding job of reinforcing why it is crucial for each company and worker to closely adhere to JHA protocols and not take short-cuts that could potentially compromise safety,” added Dolce.

Click HERE to watch the Job Hazard Analysis video. NATE encourages tower technicians and industry stakeholders to actively participate in this campaign by posting the video on their respective social networking platforms using the hashtag #ClimberConnection. NATE also encourages industry workers to share their comments on the video through social interaction on the Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Climber Connection Volume 3 campaign was developed by the NATE Member Services Committee in conjunction with the NATE Safety & Education Committee and is designed to provide specific resources and communicate the Association’s message directly to the industry’s workforce.

Visit HERE to watch the NWSA Certification, Super Bowl LII Hype, NATE UNITE 2018  Recap, Dropped Object Prevention, Tower Rescue and Tower Modifications videos that were previously released as part of the Volume 3 edition of the Climber Connection Video Series.

For more information on NATE, visit www.natehome.com today.

NATE Elects 2019 Board of Directors

Randy Scott Re-Elected; Victor Drouin, Chris Mallon and Michael Young Elected to Serve on NATE Board

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) today released the official results of the 2019 Board of Directors election. The Association announces that Randy Scott, President of Texoma Contracting, Inc. in Muskogee, Oklahoma was re-elected and will retain a seat on the NATE Board of Directors.

NATE also announces that candidates Victor Drouin, President of Green Mountain Communications, Inc. in Pembroke, New Hampshire; Chris Mallon, President of TowerMRL, Inc. in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin; and Michael Young, Chief Operating Officer at Sioux Falls Tower & Communications in Sioux Falls, South Dakota were elected to serve as new members of the Board of Directors.

The four candidates who were elected by their industry peers will officially begin their two-year terms on February 3, 2019 at the NATE UNITE 2019 Conference in Grapevine, Texas.

“I would like to congratulate Randy, Victor, Chris and Michael on their successful election and for their willingness to serve on the NATE Board of Directors,“ said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “2019 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for NATE and the industry as 5G deployment continues to scale. The elected Board members will be instrumental in helping shape the policies and agenda that will position the Association for future growth and influence,” added Schlekeway.

The Association also acknowledges the immense contributions of departing Board Members Jim Tracy, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Telecommunications, Inc. in Burley, Washington and Jim Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer of EasTex Tower, LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tracy and Miller will be honored at the NATE UNITE 2019 Conference for their dedicated service.

“Mr. Tracy and Mr. Miller provided innovative and proactive leadership for the Association and our member companies during an evolving and dynamic time in the industry. NATE is where it is at today as an organization due in large part to the immense contributions provided by Jim and Jim and the other leaders who walked before them,” stated Schlekeway.

Women of NATE Holds Meeting with FCC Commissioner

Miranda Allen, CEO, Radiofrequency Safety International; Therese O’Brien, National Account Executive, TESSCO Technologies; Heather Gastelum, Sr. Manager, National Tower Safety & Operations, T-Mobile; FCC Comm. Brendan Carr; Paula Nurnberg, Chief Operating Officer, NATE; Andy Lee, Vice President of Operations, Lee Antenna & Line Service; and Shama Ray, CEO and Owner, Above All Tower Climbing.

Representatives of Women of NATE (WON), an organization within the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), recently met with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Policy Advisor Evan Swartztrauber at FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C. to exchange views on key industry topics.

The topics of discussion included broadening nationwide telecom career path opportunities, workforce development and training, growth of women in technology, and the opportunities afforded, therein. The Commissioner was also provided with first-hand accounts of women in the telecommunications industry.

“It was an honor to meet with Commissioner Carr to discuss Women of NATE programs, initiatives and opportunities,” stated Andy Lee, chairwoman of the Women of NATE. “We appreciate the leadership role Commissioner Carr is holding at the FCC to streamline wireless infrastructure deployments, promote the expansion of rural broadband and support workforce development initiatives,” added Lee.

In attendance at the meeting were: Lee, vice president of operations, Lee Antenna & Line Service, Inc.; Miranda Allen, CEO, Radiofrequency Safety International; Shama Ray, CEO and owner, Above All Tower Climbing; Therese O’Brien, national account executive, TESSCO Technologies; Heather Gastelum, senior manager, National Tower Safety & Operations, T-Mobile; and Paula Nurnberg, chief operating officer, NATE.

The mission of the WON program is to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise and camaraderie among NATE members at all levels. The organization enables all members of NATE to achieve their full potential and contribute to the future development of NATE and the industry NATE serves. This program offers unique opportunities for men and women at all stages of their careers to convene and discuss their experiences and enables men and women to learn from others through partnerships by further delving into NATE’s professional network. WON is a professional initiative that champions the advancement of men and women across all NATE member disciplines by promoting leadership, recognizing excellence, and positioning women to be at the forefront of the evolving telecommunications industry. WON participation is open to all NATE members.

“Safety was at the forefront of all topics throughout the discussion,” said Allen. “Ultimately, WON wants to provide women equal access, embrace opportunities and ensure all industry personnel come home safely at the end of the day,” added Allen.

Women of NATE Unveils Association Mentorship Program

Women of NATE (WON) is proud to announce the debut of our innovative mentoring program designed to help all NATE members climb higher together. The WON Mentorship Program is designed to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise, and camaraderie among NATE members at all levels. From emerging professionals to industry veterans, participants can grow both professionally and personally by learning from each other’s perspectives, discussing professional issues and supporting their peers in the resolution of their challenges.

If you look back in your career, you may remember a handful of people who had a huge impact on you. Who took an interest in you? Who did you look to for advice? This is a mentor. The formal definition of a mentor is someone who offers their knowledge, wisdom and advice to someone with less experience. It might not have been a formal mentoring program, but they were your mentors.

“Every great mentor I’ve had has taught me to find my voice, stretch my mind to possibilities, learn to dream and unearth my highest potential,” stated Women of NATE Committee Chairwoman Andrea (Andy) Lee. “Women of NATE is honored to launch the WON Mentorship Program. This is an excellent opportunity to develop relationships for professional development,” added Lee.

Mentoring improves employee satisfaction and retention, makes your company more appealing to recruits and trains your leaders. This mentoring program is FREE to all NATE members. With the demand for skilled employees increasing, it’s critical we assist NATE members in attracting, retaining and growing their teams.

“I am so excited we are launching this program. If you ask any successful person, all of them had someone who helped them. We all need mentors and to continue helping others thru being a mentor,” stated WON Mentorship Team Leader Miranda Allen. “I firmly believe we receive what we give so I’m looking forward to being both a mentor and mentee,” added Allen.

This goal-oriented program is designed for participants to speak via phone one to two times a month for a year. During these calls, mentors and mentees will work through goals and establish new goals based on the call. Interested participants are asked to fill out a short questionnaire and return it to the NATE office.

Both the mentor and mentee receive substantial benefits. In every field, a mentor can be the difference-maker in a career. The majority of accomplished professionals can point to a specific person who invested time, energy and support in helping them navigate the workplace.

Applications for mentors are currently being accepted. To learn more about this program or to apply HERE.