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Nokia Networks Beefs up U.S. Presence, Deployment Capabilities

By J. Sharpe Smith —

July 17, 2014 — In a move to gain a foothold in the U.S. services market, Nokia Networks has purchased SAC Wireless, a nationwide provider of network and infrastructure deployment.  With the U.S. market currently dominated by Ericsson and to a lesser degree Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia has struggled to remain relevant.

“Once the transaction has been completed, it will help us increase market share in the network implementation space,” said Ricky Corker, executive vice president of North America for Nokia Networks.

The combination of Nokia and SAC Wireless will provide in-house capabilities that will address complexities surrounding site acquisition, permitting, sub-contractor availability and quality that may hinder network rollout, Corker said.

“With SAC Wireless’ capabilities complementing our own in-house expertise, we are well positioned to bring enhanced quality and increased end-to-end delivery efficiency to our customers,” Corker said.

Hooking up with SAC Wireless could have collateral benefits if the turf vendor can open doors for Nokia’s equipment.

Nokia Enhances Network Planning

The day after the acquisition news broke, Nokia Networks announced that it had bought advanced geolocation capabilities from NICE Systems to enhance the planning and optimization of mobile networks.  Geolocation uses 3-D modelling to produce multivendor networks with accurate network performance.

“We believe that when combined with Nokia’s services expertise, this technology helps to provide deep insight into traffic trends and the performance of mobile broadband networks,” said Dennis Lorenzin, network planning and optimization for Nokia. “The evolution of small cells and LTE necessitates more accurate 3-D geolocation capabilities.”