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Aviat Networks Receives Multimillion Microwave Backhaul Contract

Aviat Networks has received orders worth more than $10 million for a combination of microwave backhaul equipment and services to support the public safety network of one of the largest city municipalities in the United States. A large proportion of the revenue was recorded in the company’s second fiscal quarter with the balance to be spread over the next two to three quarters.

The network will support the city’s police, firefighters and other first responders on a multi-agency wireless system. Aviat is installing Eclipse IRU 600 and Eclipse ODU 600 radios to provide seamless migration to IP/MPLS and LTE while supporting the mission-critical requirements of existing TDM traffic.

In addition to improving interagency communications, the network will provide infrastructure capable of supporting the state’s future LTE network and associated high-bandwidth applications such as video.

“The public safety LTE infrastructure will need to support the next wave of in-field crime-fighting tools, such as mobile surveillance video,” said Tony Ljubicich, vice president of sales, the Americas, Aviat Networks, in a company statement. According to Ljubicich, the upgrade of the city’s wireless voice and data microwave backhaul will deliver LTE-proven bandwidth for video, as well as other real-time applications. The upgrade is also leveraged for integration into the statewide radio system when the time comes.