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In-building Public Safety Antennas

Pulse productPulse Electronics has introduced the Clarity-Pearl line of antennas that operates at UHF band frequencies including 380-520 MHz and 698-960 MHz to improve public safety radio coverage. The Clarity-Pearl antennas are designed to be an architecturally pleasing solution to requirements set by the International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) codes for public safety in-building communications. Their ultra-thin white UV stabilized plastic radome is 311mm in diameter and protrudes just 9.5mm below the ceiling for a low profile. They provide an antenna solution for challenges created by multi-story structures with weak propagation characteristics and basements with low ceilings.

Pulse Electronics’ Clarity-Pearl family of in-building public safety antennas has a maximum VSWR of 2:1. It is RoHS compliant and meets UL94-V0 flammability requirements. It also features 500mm coax pigtail assembly with N-Female connector. The antennas are sold in bulk and samples are available. www.pulseelectronics.com

Low-PIM DAS In-building Antennas

Pulse Electronics offers three low-PIM DAS in-building, ceiling-mount omnidirectional antennas. The PIMinators antenna line features a PIM spec of −155 dBc at 2×20 watts, resulting in fewer dropped calls and higher data rates. The DASLTE500NF, DASLTENF and DASLTEDIN antennas have a diameter of 8.27 inches with a height of 4.81 inches. The DASLTE500NF antenna has a 500-millimeter plenum-rated coaxial pigtail with an N female connector, the DASLTENF antenna has an N female connector, and the DASLTEDIN has a female 7/16 DIN connector for easy connection with DAS networks. These antennas operate in the 698-MHz through 5900-MHz bands. The PIMinator antennas feature injection-molded radomes that are RoHS-compliant and PIM-certified. www.pulseelectronics.com