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Virtual Mobile Network Software Market Will Hit $6B by 2026: Forecast

Mobile Experts, along with Exact Ventures, has released the first five-year forecast for virtual core networks and virtual radio access networks (vRAN), and the conclusions are key for market players moving forward.

This 77-page report includes 62 charts and figures and breaks down how virtualized telecom infrastructure will be more scalable and cost-effective than previous technologies. Using time-tested methodologies, the analysts have determined the choice areas for investment and offer a peek at the developing geography of a new market.

The report provides detailed breakdowns of vDU, vCU, and virtual core networks by region, by generation, by business model, by PNF, VNF, and CNF, and for private and public networks. The focus is to accurately predict the market for software revenue in the new virtualized architecture.

Source: Mobile Experts