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Remote Radio Head Lightning Protection

Raycap’s IS product series, which protects the mobile networks using a distributed base station or remote radio head configurations, features the DC-based Strikesorb 30-V1-HV, which is a Class I surge protective device capable of withstanding multiple direct lightning strikes and operating safely in 48-volt DC systems, diverting the current to ground and away from sensitive equipment on the tower and/or in the base station. The unit features a lightweight, aerodynamic design that combines electrical protection with power and fiber-optic cable management for outdoor installation on roof or tower tops.  It is recognized to the UL 1449 3rd Edition safety standard. www.raycapsurgeprotection.com

Raycap opens new industrial facility in Dallas, TX

Sept. 18, 2012 Post Falls, ID USA — Raycap, a global manufacturer of electrical protection solutions today announced it is expanding its North American footprint to include a new facility near the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX airport.

The new site will provide sales and engineering support to Raycap’s important customers in the region. In addition, it will add manufacturing capacity for Raycap’s Strikesorb-based solutions in North America. “Our new plant in Dallas is part of our global strategic plan to manage our growth, invest in infrastructure, and better serve our valuable customers. During the last 12 months we have managed to double our manufacturing capacity in the United States by opening this new factory in Texas in addition to significantly expanding our Idaho plant,” said Jim McDonald, VP of Operations.

According to Kathleen Orzech, VP of Human Resources for Raycap the new facility in Dallas will create several new positions for highly skilled professionals to be hired from the local market.

The new Raycap factory will be fully operational by the end of Oct. 2012.

About Raycap Electrical Protection Systems
Raycap Electrical Protection Systems Division is a leading manufacturer of surge protection solutions for mission-critical applications. Headquartered in Munich, Germany with facilities across North America and Europe, the company provides solutions to the telecommunications, renewable energy, defense and industrial automation markets worldwide. For more information find us at www.raycapsurgeprotection.com

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