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SiteXpedite Signs $1M Cell Tower Scrap Contract

SiteXpedite has entered into an agreement with Highlight Networks recycle and process its scrap metal and electronics.  SiteXpedite will provide scrap telecom equipment, recyclable metal and electronic materials from its wireless system deployments to Highlight Networks.  The contract is estimated near term to be worth more than $1 million.

SiteXpedite plans, executes and manages wireless system deployments, which generate scrap metal from cell towers and other electronics systems. That scrap will be supplied to Highlight Networks’ East Syracuse, N.Y., facility, which engages in recycling, refining, metals trading and asset recovery, with a focus on refining precious metals from electronic waste.

Highlight Networks has recently expanded its business to include the re-purposing, resale, and recycling of networking and telecom hardware. The mission of Highlight Networks is to keep electronics, metals and recyclable goods out of landfills. It accepts everything from a single cell phone to entire truckloads of working and nonworking products.