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FCC Approves TV White Spaces Database, Wireless Device

Opening the way for wireless communications on the so-called TV white spaces, the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology has authorized Spectrum Bridge’s TV white spaces database system and okayed the first TV whitespaces device.

The authorized database, which may provide service beginning on Jan. 26, consists of all the channels in the TV spectrum (television frequencies between 54-698 MHz) occupied by authorized radios. The database is necessary because the FCC requires that unlicensed TV band devices contact an authorized database system to obtain a list of channels that are available for their operation at their individual locations. The devices are only allowed to operate on those channels not occupied by authorized radio services.

TV white spaces are unused spectrum between TV stations, which the FCC has allocated for the unlicensed provision of broadband data at higher power levels than Wi-Fi (nicknamed Super Wi-Fi)..

A Koos Technical Services wireless device, the first product cleared to operate on the TV white spaces, will be used as an unlicensed microphone at event venues.