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Backhaul Systems

BLiNQ Networks next-generation wireless backhaul solutions have built-in intelligence to adapt and maximize performance in any environment. The backhaul self-organizing network (B-SON) has highly scalable, dense, plug-and-play deployment. It reduces spectrum requirements and operational expenses. The B-SON reduces interference in the backhaul network and increases throughput capacity. It also allows for N=1 backhaul network frequency reuse. The non-line-of-sight capabilities include multiple antenna systems and high system gain. The system operates in the 2.3/2.6/3.x-GHz spectrum bands with high-capacity and spectral efficiency over 80 Mbps of throughput in a 10-megahertz channel bandwidth. www.blinqnetworks.com

Helicopter Lands Safely After Striking Cell Tower

A helicopter heading to San Antonio Military Medical Center from College Station collided with a cell tower in San Antonio on Aug. 5, forcing an emergency landing.

The force of the collision knocked off one of its landing skids, crippling its ability to land.  Quick thinking airport staff piled four mattresses on the helipad and stabilized them weights from the weight room to soften the helicopter’s landing.

No one was injured in the landing and the patient was transferred to another helicopter to continue on to the hospital.

The tower is located at the corner of Petroleum Drive and Binz-Engleman, and is believed to be owned by Global Tower Partners. The structural soundness of the cell tower is not known at this time.


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